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Ending my Lease Early - Help!

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Hi, so i've been offered a company car from work so looking to end my lease with my golf early. I have just over one year left of my 3 year lease. I contacted Arval and they gave me two options - one is an 'Actual cost termination' and the other is I have to pay 50% of the outstanding rentals which works out at just over 2k. 


I've never heard of the 'actual cost termination', but from what I make out they take away the car to auction, and then I pay the difference between what it sells for and what they estimate the value being. Risky option as if it for some reason sells for a lot less then i'll be paying the difference (which could be a lot more than 2k).


Has anyone got any experience with this or know anything about it? I'm not sure what the best option is to go for!


Thanks in advance.

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