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I took  mine to  VW dealer for them to have a look at today and they confirmed it will be replaced under warranty and took all the require photos'.  I asked if this was a common issue and was told that 'more instances were being seen on later cars'.  They are going to order the parts and let me know when they arrive so I can schedule a convenient fitting time.  They advised that they may need the car for 4-5 days as they can be a 'real nuisance' to get the old one out because of the way it is bonded in. They also have another vehicle undergoing replacement. I would also be interested in how it turns out and will keep people informed on the progress on mine.

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All sorted having been 1 week away/ in the shop.  ( Did a big service too on the last day) I have to thank Lookers Wimbledon for their excellent customer service.     

I think he protests too much... I await the unveiling of his new Turd-Roc R in brown Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk

Not keen then Gav?

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23 hours ago, smug_1273 said:

Hey Rossi

Let us know how it went from start to finish with how long things took etc. Thanks 🙏 

Dropped off on Monday morning car was ready to collect Wed afternoon.

Job was completed Tue afternoon but sunroof needs to cure for 24hrs.

Happy with the work although need a longer test drive to confirm no creeks or rattles.#

Thought i could hear something driving home from the garage but maybe paranoia.#

Will get some pics .......

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Thanks Rossi sounds good, hopefully no issues and damage to surrounding areas and inner fixings I trust? Part has finally come in for mine yesterday so booked in for end of the month ( could have done next week but had no loan cars, so I’m waiting) 

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I got mine back today and all seems to be OK.  No rattles or squeaks so far.  I dropped it off to the dealer last Tuesday and it was ready by Friday but I was too busy to collect it.  I picked it up today and now have to wash it etc.  They followed the do not wash and do not spray the interior with 'pongy' stuff request. Looks like they have given it a bit of a vacuum but I am OK with that as they haven't scratched anything that I can see.  Let's see how long this one lasts I hope better than the 9 months for the last one!

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Update: Dropped mine off on Friday last week at 8am, was ready to collect at 4pm the same day. From what i can gather they commision a 3rd party window replacement company to remove the old bonded section, then install the new. All looks as new apart from odd peices of broken plastic (from old section) left in footwell and on roof 🤬 , along with foot prints all over my door sills each side. I showed this to the front of house lady on collecting to which she replied "you said you didnt want it washed" to which i replied "that is correct, but surely your staff should clean up after themselves in order to give it back to me the way i gave it to you?" didnt get much back after that so i just gave up. Hopefully no further issues and i can move forward.

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Sadly I noticed after the car was detailed today that mine cracked too on my 2019 7.5R with 14k miles on the clock.



My detailer checked his Golf R when he got home and his is also cracked.


To be fair - I went to VW this afternoon and they acknowledged the problem and said I can just book it in and it will be repaired under warranty.




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    • By Toshy
      Hi Everyone
      I love my 2019 Golf R but have a few niggling rattles!
      First one is coming from sunroof - it stops when  I open it 1/4 of the way back.
      Second appears to be coming from the center dash area when in Race mode on acceleration mid-revs range.
      Anyone had same or similar issues - would be good to hear if and how you resolved these/
      Thanks 🙂

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