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    • By smokeR
      Hey folks,
      Found these on ebay:
      What do you think?
      Bought a pair to see what they are like. Good price i think. The carbon fibre is overlayed to an OEM mirror.
      Will let you know my final thoughts when they arrive.
    • By sibrahim10
      Owner of a 7.5R, Auto
      When i turn the car off, when the key is taken out of the ignition I get an 'Error Esc' message with the esc sign of the car with the skid marks. 
      Does anyone know what causes this and if it means there is an actual problem with my Esc? It has done it about 2 or 3 times in the last month, I have not had any issues with traction or anything, but today it was slightly wet and when giving the car some power the front wheels really started to struggle for traction a bit higher up the rev range and the Esc light would flash. 
      Could this be an issue with my haldex system? car is  a 2017, 7.5R with 16000 miles, due to have first haldex service in june (3 year point)
      Any replies greatly appreciated. 
    • By smokeR
      Evening folks,
      Just home from picking up the new car, looking forward to learning some tips  from you guys n girls. Going great so far! Coming from an Bmw M240 is was worried it wouldnt quite 'be enough' but its a totally different beast. The way it corners and launches.... makes me smile from ear to ear. 
      Couple of pics while clean! 

    • By andyc77
      New to the forum and Golf R ownership ( have to say I wish i`d brought one years ago ) and I`ve just had the OEM rear badge camera installed as was not installed from new. Factory spec had park pilot.  No issues with the reverse camera and seems to be the high line version so very happy with that however when using for the front it just disables video rather then use the park pilot option.  I still get audible prompt and a smaller version of the car but missing the guidelines. Is it possible to have both or have I had a wrong rear camera version installed ? Appreciate any advise - obviously a minor gripe with it being front but haven`t spent a fair amount to get installed I like to get fixed if possible.

    • By RyanB
      Ordered some Team heko wind deflectors for my 7.5 R, but they aren’t very dark/black would I be an idiot for spraying them gloss black to match the rest of the trim? Has anyone done this before? 🤔 Thanks 
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