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rear lights on with drl

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Hi. I thought I'd chime in as I've had my rear lights permanently on for almost a year now. And in fact I can no longer switch them off - not without paying around £35 😂


Let me explain - for the record I would love to buy VCDS and mess around with it, but I don't actually own a laptop, I'm a desktop PC guy. 


So I looked into alternative solutions, and there are. The one I've got is a device called Carista, and it's a small device that plugs into the socket under the dash on the right side. It then communicates with your phone over Bluetooth, and you use the Carista app to change settings. 


From there it's a simple 2 minute job to connect and change this and plenty of other settings. Extremely easy, no codes required. The device is compact and just lives in my glove compartment. The only catch is that it's a yearly subscription. 


I got my device around 2 years ago. I forgot about the subscription, so when I changed my rear lights to be permanently on, Scandinavian style, about a year ago, I was charged £35 for it.


I believe you get a 30 day free trial or so. But yeah I'm now in the boat of either my rear lights are perma on, or at a cost of around £35 I can get them back to default. The device itself is very cheap. I don't remember what I paid. Can't have been more than £15, but it may be different now. 


Hope this helps and good luck 👍

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^^^mike: the answer is "Yes" - like this: Select the 09-Cent. Elect. module Select Security Access - 16 Enter the magic number 31347 Select Adaptation - 10 Enter ENG

NRW: Ain't nothing wrong with being a new-bee!. We were all at the same position as you at some stage in our learning-curve - but with the aid of forums like these and the folk that inhabit them - dou

@Harpo Mike, follow these steps. If you still don’t think you can do it, perhaps it would be better to wait until lockdown passes, and get someone to do it for you. At least your issue (rear lights on

On 28/04/2020 at 02:11, dv52 said:

^^^mike: the answer is "Yes" - like this:

  1. Select the 09-Cent. Elect. module
  2. Select Security Access - 16
  3. Enter the magic number 31347
  4. Select Adaptation - 10
  5. Enter ENG116593 into the search box
  6. If you have a pre MY16 model Golf, select IDE06864-ENG116593-Daytime running lights-Tagfahrlicht-Dauerfahrlicht aktiviert zusaetzlich Standlicht
  7. if you have a post MY16 model Golf, select ENG141647-ENG116593-Außenlicht_Front-Tagfahrlicht-Dauerfahrlicht aktiviert zusaetzlich Standlicht
  8. Change the setting to active
  9. Select Doit!!  and exit VCDS software


Hi! 2012 Golf Variant 1,6 TDI and it says that 31347 is not valid?


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@someone Hi.


"2012 Golf Variant"?


I'm not entirely certain, but I very much suspect that your car is built on a PQ35 platform.


The vehicles that are the subject of this part of the forum are built on the newer MQB platform.


So, MQB cars have a version of modules that use newer UDS/ODX protocols - which allow word based descriptors. Older style modules used number based descriptor.


I suspect that on your car, adaptation channels use numbers - which means that my instructions are NOT compatible with PQ35 platform cars


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