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MK7 Double USB charger for back row

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I found rear vent panel with integrated USB charger on AliExpress + wiring harness for P&P installation.




Parts and tools:

  1. Air vent panel + charger + wiring: here (check if color matches your interior)
  2. Torx T20 drive
  3. Prying tools


Disassembly of center console

  1. Pry plastic panel covering AC controls.
  2. Pry trim around gear stick.
  3. Remove two T20 torx screws next to the AC controls (lower ones).
  4. Remove center console side covers (a lot of clips).
  5. Pry front cubby (two clips, pull upwards).
  6. Disconnect AUX/USB or MEDIA-IN connector.
  7. Lift the buttons/cupholdesr assembly starting from the front (two clips in the middle, two latches in the back).
  8. Disconnect park assist buttons, auto start-stop/drive mode buttons, electronic parking brake, 12V power outlet.




Removing rear panel

  1. Slide the arm rest all the way forward.
  2. Grab it by two holes and pull upwards/in the direction of the back row dome curtesy lights (4 or 6 clips that hold this element in place).




Installing new parts

  1. Connect new wiring harness to the original 12V power outlet connector.
  2. Guide the cable under the armrest.
  3. Connect to the USB charger.
  4. Install new vent panel. It's going to be harder that with the original one. Center console bracket needs to go between air duct and the charger.




Diagnostic interface

You need to clear some fault codes that will be present because of the missing buttons and ports. You can perform full scan but in my case I had to clear faults from 03-Brakes and 13-ACC.










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