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Mk1 Golf with a R conversion *build thread*

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Following my intro in the welcome section last week, I thought I’d start a build thread about a project I’m working on at the moment. 

The project involves taking a mk1 Golf and converting its engine, running gear, drivetrain and bits of its interior to mk7.5 R spec. 

I started this project on the weekend and the plan is to update this thread 

(05/06/20) and the plan is to update this thread Whenever I make some progress.


I appreciate MK1’s aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But I hope you enjoy the thread and the journey as it will be a long one, and I hope you get some insightful R knowledge out of it to.


Anyway onto the beginning; 


I’ve sourced a crash damaged 2017 Golf R as my donor vehicle, 


the first task was to remove the engine and box, 


the engine was stripped down timing chains and head gasket were replaced.










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An old friend of mine whilst at Uni back in the early 90’s had a heavily modified lime green mk1 - think it even made it into “Max Power”

Love mk1’s, watching this build with interest.

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Before mounting the engine to the gearbox I decided to weigh the engine and gearbox separately. 

engine complete with turbo 105kg

transmission (dq381 7 speed DSG) without transfer box 95kg








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Initially I’ll cut and re-weld the original shafts, I’ll then get some custom shafts made once I’m happy with the setup. 

I want it to stay as close to the original mk1 track width as possible, no berg cup arches or anything like that that.


propshaft wise, I’ll shorten the original and get it rebalanced. 


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