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Just to update - I ended up supergluing the white clip back together in situ.  Seemed a decent route to take as it was just one of the arms that had broken off and saved me any more from faff from trying to get the whole part off.    Still annoyed the clip broke in the first place -- but probably serves me right for taking on this job when temp was barely above freezing...   


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    • By The V2
      Hi all
      Has anybody got any tips for locating a screenwash leak? I noticed that the wash bottle was empty yesterday (which is odd because I top it off every week or so with screenwash I "acquire" at work) anyway, I topped it up today and it was empty by the time I got home from work half an hour later - no level warnign light on and still screenwash coming out the nozzles - therefore I assume not 100% empty (?)
      I've had a very quick look under the car and around the wash bottle with a torch -  can't locate an obvious leak/wet spot, also absolutely zero water in the boot/tailgate etc as per the usual washer leak that was common from the mk4 onwards.
      I'm thinking of putting a very slow hose pipe in the top of the wash bottle and then watching for leaks.......other than this being karma for stealing screenwash from work, any suggestions?
      Hoping I don't have to go the whole hog and remove the wheel/arch liner etc in order to get to it!
    • By Ewansilver00
      Hi, recently purchased a mk6 golf r and I had noticed a small oil leak on my drive coming from the rear diff, upon further inspection I have found it’s not from either the diff drain plug or the haldex plug. Any help would be appreciated.

    • By TechieAli
      Am I right in thinking the cam cover is weaping/leaking here?  is this an issue I should get the dealer to rectify?

    • By Chuckiceman
      As above, my drivers side rear carpet is sodden. I did a previous thread and some said it may be the rear wiper pipework. 
      I decided to take my car to the local VW dealer and they said they would charge me £74 to diagnose the issue (I’m out of warranty) which I was happy to swallow.
      Their diagnosis today was that they wanted to take all the seats and carpets out the car at a cost of over £400 to diagnose where the leak is coming from. Even though it is clearly only wet on the drivers side rear carpet which I think is a piss take!
      thought I’d have a go myself if it is reasonably straight forward to lift the rear carpets. Anyone done this ? 
    • By SteveK
      Had the low coolant warning light come on this morning in rush hour traffic!..
      I got to work and couldn't see anything obvious, after checking this lunch i noticed the coolant pipe to the right hand side has rubbed on the airbox fin and has worked it's way through.
      Off i went to VW Leeds, after a lot of toing and froing they opened another customers bonnet where i looked and saw that this seem to be unique to my car as the other R DSG had around 1cm space.
      Question is.. is yours rubbing or have you got a gap? it looks like my rad could have moved back or the pipes twisted somehow.

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