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Negative Long-term Fuel Trim Question

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My car: 2013 Scirocco R, 2.0 TFSI (EA113), gasoline, automatic, 70k km, APR Stage 2+ 


Bought the car used in 2017 at 54k km, all mods as is...I didn't add or take anything away since.


I have a lot of questions but for now, I'll just start off with this one:


I have VCDS diagnostic tool and didn't get fault code but I noticed the Long-Term Fuel Trim is negative

and stays there....between 14-18).  I don't think the fault code gets lit until it's like -25 long term fuel trim, but -18

is pretty up there and not exactly sure what is causing it.


What are some things I should be checking for? Signs, symptoms, sounds/feel, etc?  

What does a negative long-term fuel trim eventually mean?  I mean, if I don't get it corrected for a long time and just leave it

like this, what potential problems am I risking if I keep driving it around with this negative fuel trim?    


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