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New Golf R owner

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3 hours ago, Jop85 said:

Hello emoji16.png

I’d give you a thumbs up!!!

See you out there emoji16.png

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👍🏻 from me if i see a fellow R driver 😉

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15 hours ago, Veloce said:

Hi all,

Following a string of Alfa Romeo's, I have bought a 2016 R manual in reflex silver.

Although there is something very special about Alfa's, this Golf is seriously fun to drive and it feels so "solid" if you know what I mean?

No major mods planned, just going to wrap the chrome grill bar gloss black and maybe light blue R badges stickers.

I'm guessing R owners don't really acknowledge each other when passing, I gave a "thumbs up" to a red Golf R this afternoon and the driver gave me a blank look!

I was so used to giving the "Alfa wave" to other Alfa drivers, should I not bother with other golf R drivers?

A couple of pics at my place of work


Car looks great Stephen....Congrats...Awesome colour...3 door and a manual...good score....:afro:...No mods planned huh?...Yep...heard that one before....:lol:

PS...Welcome to VWROC....:welcome:

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As well as looking great - Silver - imho is the best colour for not showing every microscopic spec of dust, water etc. 
Love BPB but Silver......tempts..😀

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When i was looking on auto trader (can I mention other sites here?) there was 1 other 3 door in reflex silver at the other end of the country.

I'm thinking I've been quite lucky with my colour choice, 2nd choice was black.

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My first car as a 21 year old was a 1977 Reflex Silver Golf Mk 1 1600GLS. really enjoyed that car. Not the one above, but very similar. I am not sure it is exactly the same shade as that R, but may well be so a very long standing VW colour.  Then bought a 1976 Alfa 1600 GT Junior so an a way the reverse of the OP.

Thinking about this, my first Golf had less than  a quarter of the power of my current one  (75bhp vs 306bhp), about 55% of the weight, double the official 0-60 time and whilst refined for the time was much less well equipped and physically smaller inside. It was also less safe and much more polluting.

But... it was also less economical. I averaged about 30mpg in it over the three years I had it. My R averages about 34mpg. That’s  what 41 years of progress brings

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