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Lotto Win - Daily Vehicle

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I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and think it’s a really hard choice - If you won the lottery let’s say for arguments sake £1.5m what would your daily driver be? 

For me it’s extremely hard but I think if it came to it I’d end up buying a Nissan GTR and getting it built to around 1300 bhp 🤯 as I’m seeing this can be achieved for around a tad over 100k all in


A second option would be an M8 Comp as these are one of the nicest cars on the road IMO but they are very pricey 🤔


What would you guys and girl choose?

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911 Turbo with a few mods

I'd get of of these as my daily driver........but maybe tune it to 700 horsepower....  

I would go for a 992 Turbo S 😆

46 minutes ago, SpursMadDave said:

As much as a 1300bhp GTR would be impressive you can't even get much out of a stock one on the roads so not sure it would be my choice of a daily driver tbh. I would go for something much better looking and sounding maybe a V8 f-type SVR emoji41.png


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True but it’s all about the turbo choice and mapping, I’m seeing on UK guys on YouTube running big power and it seems fairly reasonable putting power down without mashing throttle 😂

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Daily to smoke about in would be an Aston of some sort, an RS6 for the shopping and for fun a Singer 911, for extra fun a stupid track build of something either ridiculously exotic or so mundane it made people cry when they got dropped by it :D

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With big funds to play with I'd go for multiple cars (and pickup trucks, I'm a Yank) and never be bored.  Because I favor manual shift, there would be Porsches, Corvettes,  and probably an assortment of earlier model  Audi RS's and BMW M's from when automatics weren't mandatory.  Maybe even an extremely rare early teens Cadillac CTS-V manual wagon.  I'd keep the R but might park a Honda Civic R-Type nearby if I could find a custom body shop willing and able to de-uglify it. :smiley:  That's the nice thing about dream money - you can put all sorts of outlandish things on your wish list.

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McLaren 765LT


Then you need to think what you could get from Hennessy, maybe a Corvette C8.


i think the Venom is out of price range.


If pushed, would love a Hennessey Viper





@Cogito  as you have a fondness for trucks, 






there is modifying and tuning, then there is Hennessey 

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