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Forum structure tweaks trial!

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Hello all you lovely VWROC members!  

Just thought we’d give you a heads up that we are trialling a new way of organising and categorising of some of the main chat boards.  The aim is to rationalise and consolidate things into a more streamlined and logical structure.  


To that end, starting with the main T-Roc R chat forum, you’ll now see a ‘Modifying your T-Roc R sub-section sitting as a child of the T-Roc R main parent chat - see screen shot below. This is rather than having modifying as an entirely separate forum as is the current setup.  

If you like this new structure, then we will apply the same rationale to all the main model chat sections, with their corresponding modifying areas becoming sub sections of the relevant chat forums. 

Hope that makes sense!   

Let us know what you think!  

Bec  :)





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6 minutes ago, invisiblekid said:

Wait for Stage 3 when we get a new logo, upgrade to IPS 4.5 and a new skin/theme.


Just hope we don't put a rod through the bonnet! 


What, as they say, could possibly go wrong?!


If you need any help under the bonnet let me know Gaz.

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16 minutes ago, Booth11 said:



Just written your own epitaph Col....well nearly, I’ve tweaked it for you.😜 😘


Bless you darling. Hope all is well in the world with you Misses! X

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