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First use of Bilt hamber auto foam and lance (text and pic heavy)

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1 hour ago, Booth11 said:

Anything that lays down a layer of protection such as SRP will possibly affect the bond. Some type of pre wax cleanser fluid is the best prep, however Swissvax Cleanser Fluid is a bit of a pig to buff off so I prefer to use Gtechniq Panel Wipe instead.  Much more user friendly and I think it’s much better vfm too! Or Lime Prime Lite is good too.  I’d not bother with SV version. 

Pot size is a dilemma due to price and fact you’ve never used it before.  The bigger pot would be by far preferable in terms of ease of getting an applicator in as the small 50ml pot is small and the wax can be hard to access especially as the wax level lowers. But it’s a lot to pay out if it turns out you don’t like the wax!  Still I’d probably buy the remains of a 200ml pot off you if you wanted to offload it!  😁

Brilliant, thanks for that. Will go for the 200ml BOS ,try it out first on top of the BH finis, and then see how it goes before a full detail at a later stage.

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Got the Swissvax BOS today and must admit that I like the smell, better than the petrol/paraffin odour of BH waxes. It is similar in terms of softness to the BH products. Not able to easily see it being applied unfortunately but it goes on easy and buffs off very easy when compared to BH waxes. Would be better if the pot was less tall and more wider for better applicator access (BH got this part right). Put some on a front wing after a quick wipe with DoDo QD and it looks ok. Looking forward to applying it after a thorough wash and prep sometime to get the best out of it (have ordered some BH cleanser fluid too). 

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