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GTI Clubsport - Edition 40


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Hi all, love seeing the journey/story posts everyone does, so thought i'd have ago at doing one myself. This is going to be quite some long post's so i do apologise, lol NOTE:  some of these are older things i've just never done a topic before so going to post it all in the stages as it is today 

So.....after 2 years of driving (i started late lol) & ownership of my Ford Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost - Powershift - Stage 1 Revo, i decided i wanted something bit more powerful.  (Fiesta below with Rondell 17" alloys)




Being that i could really only drive automatics, i'd found i'd pushed the limit on this fiesta as far as could go being with the gearbox it had. Don't get me wrong, was a great little car & always got alot of attention (probably due to the rare alloys i ran on it), but felt i wanted something more i could play with if i wanted to & not so much restricted. Always loved VW's but i was more knowledged with car modding on fords due to family history with capris, orions, RS600i's etc. I did look at Focus ST's but downside was....only did them in diesel for auto's, so that put me off.  So i started to look at VW Golf's....first i looked at an R, i liked them.......but i was more set on a GTI. So one day all of a sudden i decided go over to local VW and have a look at a GTI & first make sure seating set up, gear, steering all in reach for me would be appropiate for me. I have a form of dwarfism so it's not as easy for me to jump cars so to speak, i have to get every bit of detail right & make sure it's going to be suitable. Looked at the below GTI




It was nice.....but it didn't feel.....that special/stand out to me. Now i had watched some of the LLF video's and had seen a 500BHP GTI on there & on a different video assosicated with it, i said a 540BHP Clubsport owned by VRS Northampton - Stunning cars. As said above, on my fiesta i'd ran very rare alloys on it as i wanted it to be a stand out/different to anyone else when took it to a show/meet. So when chatting to the advisor he'd mentioned about a Clubsport S he's dad owned? i heard of them but knew was manual so no point me getting my hope's up for that, but it started to make me think....what about an Edition 40, limited, DSG, looks different.....Ticked all the box's. So the search started then came across the below up in Yorkshire.





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So few emails back & forth with the private seller (was one of those like car enthusiats & sold few high end performance cars), was quite a basic spec but only done just over 6000miles. Was the perfect colour i wanted, didn't want any other, also was a 3 door (was a must). Now it didn't have the wingback recaro's (we wasn't sure how these/if they would be suitable to honest for me), but i wasn't too fused as i felt the standard seats were really nice, had no dynoaudio (had aftermarket system ready to go in anyway), and no DCC (would end up lowering it to get better stance so cheaper) 

So month or so passed because at first, financially i was not ready & my fiesta was modified so wanted to get it all back to standard as i was never going to sell it with the rare alloys and few other things, wanted it just standard as could be. 

So yeah, the Clubsport never sold (was not really heavily advertised as person was using it as he's personal car anyway so no rush to sell), he must of had some tracking thing on he's website as every few days i'd keep clicking to look at it, got email from him saying "you're still interested aren't you in the car?" haha so....yep, fiesta standard, finances sorted.....arranged trip up to Leeds area to have a look at it. 


After taking some wrong turn as being North Londoner's wasnt really used to all this countryside stuff, ended up down a farm track with 3 blokes sitting in a lowered fiesta, haha left alot of mud outside this poor blokes house




so........yep, my dad had to test drive the car for me as i had no adaptions ready. i loved the car, something about it, so deal done there and then & even managed to sell the fiesta on the way back home to north london via a contact....so was a bonus




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So mad rush that week with the fiesta, remap/intercooler off, charge pipes/inducition kits, rondells alloys, softline alloys, sound system - all off,



standard wheels on & dropped off to the new owner




Clubsport collected & on route home as a passenger lol, was so frustrating still not being able to drive the car just bought....but all good things come to those who wait i guess)








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So being rare of a weekend but the owner of the car adaption company kindly knew how badly i wanted to start enjoying my car, so opened up on he's day off to get my car in right away so he could start getting the adaptions all sorted/made up for me for the next day, so car dropped off & await that exciting next day call of "it's ready"



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So yep, Monday it is...get the call, car be ready, come collect tonight. Absolutely Buzzing!!!! and the adaption pedal box looked ever better than before, was nice and flush with the flooring.




Journey home was great, but sadly quite late now at night, but the power.....blimey, was a big difference coming from that little fiesta, but i knew automatically i'd made the right choice, the car was so.......1 min it could be an animal then next, could just be ordinary relaxed driving, a best of both worlds car. 

But sadly, i would not get to enjoy it fully for another week as it was booked in for next day first thing to go have PPF and be cermaric coated 

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So dropped off at my detailer for Xpel PPF and Gtechniq Cermaic coating. I use the M25 5 days a week for work, and it was stone chip galore on my fiesta so i defentily wanted this protected, expensive but worth it!



Some pics of the results after below, stunning work & such a great place to deal with




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So collected & FINALLY!!! could drive her around and enjoy it. Was made up, so much....dunno if sounds silly, but little tear in my eye at one point as i'd worked hard as soon as i see this car to financially get it, like put life/friends on hold and did so much overtime lol




But yeah, loved the car, was already getting nice attention/comments when at places on it. Only problem was, this was December so weather was not too great after coming out all detailed haha





So.....first thing.....was my lumbar supports/cushions to aid me to drive. I always get alot of people curious on how i drive a car & i really don't mind showing people how it works etc, but i want it to look good. Below was the current set up, you'll notice by the custom looking booster seat for my back it was done in matching fiesta titanium x material from previous car so it all looked like factory/ford had done it. So the idea was to get something done to look OEM with the Clubsport.



Thought would have look on ebay and was shocked to see, a used clubsport standard seat in 2 pieces in Germany availiable!!, snapped that up & made the call to my local Recaro Auto trimmer to get booked in for a measure up (but little bit of a wait)


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So, decided go get my front windows tinted & sunstrip across (actually helps me), sometimes i can get some stick out on road from idiots looking across in & i know i should not really care about them but yeah i feel more happy when not seen as much inside, plus i think it does make the car look nicer, so fronts done/strip & had my private plates put on (lightly tinted)


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Awesome work Lewman!  Your car looks a beauty 🖤  ❤️


I love the engineering and ingenuity involved in adapting the car; puts things into perspective, for sure!  I'm looking forward to seeing the finished backrest/support; stroke of luck to source that donor seat, they must be pretty rare 👍


Agreed, the car does look better with the tints IMO.  The detailers done a fantastic job.


Have you got any plans for further mods? 

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So having the light smoked number plates, i thought i'd upgrade the rear number plate bulbs so lesser chance of being pulled, but tbf they wasn't that bad looking as only lightly smoked. The pics make the bulbs look too bright, but it's just the phone camera, they are not blinding at all



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5 minutes ago, Penguin said:

Awesome work Lewman!  Your car looks a beauty 🖤  ❤️


I love the engineering and ingenuity involved in adapting the car; puts things into perspective, for sure!  I'm looking forward to seeing the finished backrest/support; stroke of luck to source that donor seat, they must be pretty rare 👍


Agreed, the car does look better with the tints IMO.  The detailers done a fantastic job.


Have you got any plans for further mods? 

Hi, thank you, yes the man is a genius with he's work. It's he's own style/private stuff & not the usual mobility standard stuff. 

Everything is pretty much done, just going through all the pics etc & updating, lol 


I should of done it as one large post to be honest but i was getting mixed up on links etc. 

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So come out to my car at work to see i've got damage in the corner of my bumper.......Luckily the PPF has done it's job & after searching through CCTV at work found the person who admitted it all so would cover it. 


Car back to my detailer & front corner PPF replaced & quick little wash




But good things.......over to my Auto Trimmer to test out the mock up's and go away for a few days and see how it feels. It's too difficulty to make it one large seat so easier to split the two, also if anyone else wanting to drive my car just easier to remove/pull out




Decided to have the rear wiper part plastic done in gloss black to match all the other trims, looks like it came out the factory like that





My brother took a snap of the CS whilst at Corley Services



Damanged my front tyre on a pot hole (luckily the alloy was fine), so decided to replace both fronts to the popular Michelin PS4's....night & day difference!!! wicked tyres, so much better grip, so very happy



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Changed out the tired old cheapish material for the pedal box floor for a proper made mat (was abit dirty though lol)



Decided to upgrade from the nextbase dash cams to the Blackvue DR900s-2ch, think they look more sleak/hidden & quality just better.



Taken over to AMD tuning for a Cobra Sport res delete fitted, sounds so much better.


Little touches, me dad grabbed one of these from VW to put in, always handy though lol


Speakers, sub & amp from previous car loaded in & ready to be installed by my local sound system installer


Decided to add couple new additions for him to fit whilst there


Some of the installation photo's below, videos uploading would not do it justice



(bass control put in easy reach for me)





Dropped at local VW Dealer with the common "gear selector fault" - all done under warranty




Bit of a drunk purchase & ended up buying the racingline paddles..after installing....i realised my fingers not being very long don't actually grab them as much, esp when turning the wheel so.........yeah hahaha BUT they look good in the car so left them. 



Little touches next.......decided to change the pedals from my extended one's to proper VW one's, gives it that factory feel, also put the foot rest in also...not that my foot will ever reach haha but more for anyone else & it looks good




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