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GTI Clubsport - Edition 40

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On 26/08/2020 at 20:18, Steven G. said:


really nice upgrade indeed!

Did they fit easily? Are the sensors and connectors the same as for the standard seats?



Hi, thanks. they actually wasn't the same connectors, it's mad because you'd think they would be as there were an actual optional extra for this car. Had cut off old connectors from original seats for air bags, add resistors. Heated seat stuff i'm not worried about as due to my cushions i don't feel any of it, seatbelt occupancy stuff all been sorted, but some people do swap over the sensors - but think little involved?  

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Major Service all done, vehicle was on a service plan so FOC : )


some nice comments made by VW tech on suspension/wheels set up during health check video which was nice to hear.....until i looked closer and it was pointed out of the antifreeze/coolant residue on the sump? But bit of history on it..had the thermostat replaced in feb, checked again in March as coolant burning smell again & very strong but told it was fine & just resiude burning off (even tho an independent & someone else said it should of burnt off by then - was nearly a month) Then back again in late May, into different dealer (original had month + waiting list). who confirmed no leaks, pressure tested & reckons residue still? Cleaned off myself after it came back underneath (took pics). Car not used much as was furloughed, but had smell again on/off lately (has been hot) but now when shown the video can def see there is still an issue. Going back in next week to get looked at AGAIN.


Car's done over 1750 miles since the thermostat was replaced. 



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