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Driving in the winter/snow

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26 minutes ago, 75Type2 said:

I run both my Golfs on summer / winter tyres to ensure that maximum grip is available all the time. It’s less about speed and more about minimising braking distance, as my family’s safety is paramount. I live in Kent and we usually have fairly mild winters. However, winter tyres are designed to work in the lower temperatures (10 degrees C or less IIRC) which is what we generally drop down to from December through to March. Along with those cold damp days, it makes a lot of sense when travelling along country lanes which never see a gritter. Water management on the winter tyres is so much better also. The tyres cut through standing water without any issues whereas you can feel the summer tyres being pushed up when the tyres momentarily aqua plain whilst driving through standing water. As much as we try and avoid standing water, it’s not always possible.

Another plus is that fact all the wheels get a full deep clean and refresh of protection every six months or so whilst off the vehicles.

Agree. 100%.  A British thing maybe?    Not keen to spend if not essential.  God knows what tiny proportion of Motorosts across the UK switch.  I’ve just done so recently, 40 years Driving and  now NOT essential to travel daily for work etc. 
Maybe New Cars in UK should be fitted routinely ,mandatorily l, with All Season tyres, to shift things along? A Minimal additional cost and nearly everybody wins.  Brexit break a good time to do it too  😀

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On 08/10/2020 at 09:59, gazza5 said:

Living in london - I would probably look at your summer tyres and check tread level.


If under 3mm I know the tyres are still legal, but you will find in rain storms etc, the car will not be as good as having a higher tread.


Depends on age of tyres as well, tyres do crack a little after a while, again this could affect performance in wintery conditions.


I'm waiting a bit longer but will replace my bridgestones in November, they are over 3 years old, got 3mm of tread left on the front (my car has had lots of long motorway runs, but are also a slightly harder tyre compared to others). My back has 4mm left currently so undecided on them.



The rare day we get snow in Outer London I just don’t bother to drive.


Even if it does snow and settles normally gone by lunchtime. Not going to starve for a few days and can walk to shops if it gets bad anyway.


More scared of being stuck behind someone who’s bogged down, or being hit by a Chelsea Tractor who think they are invincible.




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I've also just bought 4 winter tyres that will be going on in the next few weeks.


My last 3 cars were BMW (non drive) and I had winters on each car apart from my last M140i.  When it snowed really bad when I had that I never even took the chance to move it.  With having winters on a few previous I reckon they're an excellent choice in lower temps and can see why they are mandatory in Germany and other countries.

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