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DanTheManc's Lapiz Blue MK7.5 R (@dan_mk7.5r on Instagram)

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After reading through some of the other build threads on her I thought I would put my own up. I'm bit late to the party as I've owned the car for since February last year. 


I bought the car completely standard from a VW main dealer. The car is a 2017 MK7.5 R 5dr hatch DSG with 19" Spielberg alloys, DCC and 90% tints



Here's the dealer photos of from the advert





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I already posted this photo in the detailing thread but figured I may as well add it to my build post.   I had a good friend of mine (who is far more knowledgeable than me) give my car a goi

I honestly couldn't speak highly enough of the TVS TCU software. Gear changes are so much faster than before and also much smoother.   Racingline (and all of the others) use the standard VAG

Thanks Clarkie.   Yes Remus were fantastic.   Here's another photo from a recent visit to see Shak at LSG performance 

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The first mod was done a couple of hours after collection. An Autowatch Ghost immobiliser. We all know that unfortunately these cars are a car thiefs wet dream, so not the most exciting modification but pretty much essential nowadays.


The car had 18 months manufacturers warranty remaining so the plan was to keep the engine standard and just do a couple of minor cosmetic modifications........ 8 days later I was down at VAG Manchester (aka Progressive Parts) having a Racingline OEM+ Stage 1 remap and TCU tune. So much for the 18 months remaining warranty 😄


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My car is the a pre GPF car so the Res delete mad a nice difference to to sound especially with its new stage one tune.


With 22k miles on the clock I thought I best get the haldex filter serviced to make sure the car was at its best. So I was back down to VAG Manchester and I'm glad I did because the gauze didn't look too clever


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To make the most of the stage 1 tune I decided to buy an intake. I was tempted by the Racingline R600 but it just looked a bit dull and plastics so I decided to go for a much more pleasing on the eye forge carbon intake.


Whilst browsing the forge website I also ended up purchasing a Forge high flow turbo inlet hose and some forge wheel spacers



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I always found the suspension a bit soft on the Golf R. Even with DCC there was too much movement when pressing on and it didn't handle half as well as my previous car a MK3 Leon Cupra. The extra power of the stage 1 tune highlighted this.


So I did a bit of research on lowering springs and decided to go for the Racingline springs. Handling was the main reason, but I also want a nice drop.


So I was back at VAG Manchester to have VWR springs fitted.


The springs really helped with the handling. It went from feeling like a heavy cruise liner to a go kart. The car handled so much better. These springs surpassed my expectations and I'd highly recommend them.


The stance was looking much better




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With the new found grip I decided it was time to get some more power. With Racingline, the software upgrade from stage 1 to stage 2 is free. I just needed to buy the hardware.


So I purchased an 80mm Scorpion sports cat and an Airtec front mounted intercooler from progressive parts and booked my car back in at VAG Manchester to have them fitted and the stage 2 Racingline OEM+ software installed.




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The jump from stage 1 to stage 2 was only around 20bhp when you look at the headline figures but instantly you could feel the extra torque compared to stage 1. The torque comes in much lower down in the rev range and with a far more aggressive kick. It really does pin you in your seat. I loved it.


The scorpion sports cat changed the tone of the exhaust note too

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The sound quality of the car audio was something I was disappointed in. The audio quality wasn't good and the factory cardboard speakers would distort at anything beyond 50% volume


I looked into getting the Audison kit installed but I was getting quotes north of £2000 so I decided against it and looked at other options.


I then came across some Focal VW fitment component speakers. These are for the MK6 Golf but the mids were still plug & play but the tweeters needed the wires to be cut and fixing into place. Pretty straightforward so I replaced the factory front speakers with the focal component speakers.




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The Focal component speakers gave a much improved sound. The bass was tighter and more controlled and the audio quality was much clearer. I could also turn the headunit to full volume without them distorting. The only problem was the rear speakers were still the stock speakers and would still distort........ So I bought another set of focal component speakers and fitted them to the rear doors.

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The clarity was there now and the bass was tight and controlled but I wanted to add a subwoofer to fill the bottom end. The only problem was I didn't want a huge subwoofer enclosure in my boot. I decided to fit an active slimline subwoofer and stick with Focal as I was impressed with the component speakers. I mounted the subwoofer to the rear seats. The subwoofer is only 2.5" high so takes up barely any room so boot space isn't compromised.


As far as subwoofers go it's nothing hugely powerful but it does pack a punch. It's enough to distort things in your rear view mirror so not bad for something so compact.




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I've now had the car around 12 months and I decided to get some new wheels. The Spielberg's were nice but I had been eyeing up the Racingline R360 alloys for a while and decided to go for them. So again I handed over my hard earned to progressive parts and bought some new shiny Racingline R360's in Gunmetal grey 😍 With the wheels being 8.5J wide I decided to go for wider tyres. So I bought some 245 wide Michelin PS4S tyres 245/35/19 




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