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Downgrade APR is so expensive!?!

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I have a vw scirocco R with APR stage 2+ tune (bought it like this used back in 2017).

Car drove fine for the first year.  Then in late 2018, I experienced a loss of acceleration power at low speeds

or taking off from standstill.  I'd see boost gauge needle riding up to 0.5 - 1 bar even though I am only 

driving up to 70-80km/h speeds.   I've also been running rich the whole time and have cold mornings cold start

rough idling issues (where the engine will cut off/die  if I don't let it warm up for 70 seconds before driving).


A shop told me I need to remove my RFD and downgrade from 2+ to 2 and it would cost me about $1500 usd (software+labor etc).  Now I'm in Korea so that's why the price is higher than if it was done in america.    My question is why is it so expensive to downgrade?  It's like the cost of upgrading stock to stage kit tune.


Also, if the car was running fine before, it means it was working with the RFD and tune, but now that I'm having some acceleration issues and rich running, why is the only solution to remove the RFD and downgrade??  If it was running fine before and now it's not, it must mean there's something else wrong with the car?  Why would 2+ be the problem?  If that's the case then why would anyone pay to upgrade to stage 2+ and then when there's problem, be forced to downgrade and pay full price again to fix it?  

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Better question.  If it costs me $1500 to downgrade from 2+ to 2, for basically just a software, should I just

out right get rid of APR stage and go back to stock??? That might be cheaper for me right?

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Hi Joe23,


I initially posted a longer response but it didn't post here so trying again.


Your cars symptoms. Runner Flap failure. It could be the motor or so much carbon or gunk in the manifold that it has remained closed. Hence why you can;t make boost and running rich. 


If you are on 2+, going down to 2 will make absolutely no difference.  

To fix the problem, the mechanic will need to remove your intake manifold, diagnose the runner flap failure, probably have to clean the intake ports. 

Failure could be too much gunk and carbon on the flaps or the actual runner flap motor is dead, also check that the runner flap motor is actually plugged in. It is labour intensive so it will be several hundreds of dollars but I don;t know what it would cost in South Korea. 


If you bought the car with an APR tune. Contact APR and have the Vin number transferred to you, it will cost maybe $150 USD, but you are then entitled to down grade or switch tunes of the same stage or lower for free and it will only cost a mechanics time.  (I have done that before with my APR tuner)


If you are up for it, get a Runner Flap Delete Kit  (RFD) and get the stage 2+ tune with RFD. That way you won't have this issue of bad cold starts and misfiring. 

Contact APR to adivise what file you have, the file that is for Stage 2+, High pressure fuel pump, dump pipe and runner flap delete is this


VW Golf R EURO MY2015 2.0T FSI CDLC 1K8907115J S0020 Stage 2+ FP V3.4 Testpipes [RFD]


FP = Upgraded High Pressure Fuel Pump

Testpipes = Dump/down pipe installed.

RFD = Runner Flaps have been physically removed. 


Also downgrading to Stage 2 means you are not running the upgraded fuel pump nothing to do with the RFD. 

but you can get a stage 2 file that has RFD tuned in. 


Hope this helps. 


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Actually cheapest resolution in your situation is to go to VW and purchase a new inlet manifold. 

They are cheap and if you are handy with some tools easy enough to change.... or get a mechanic to do so... not change in tunes required. 

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