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Hey all!


I figured I’d start a topic for my lovely OPF 2020 Golf R! This topic is mainly to showcase the journey of my Golf R and encourage other Lapiz blue owners to share theirs!


I’d like to welcome and share:


1. Car modification journey

2. Road trips/ scenic photographs

3. Any other Lapiz blue R related stuff!


I want to share my cars modification journey (it’s currently completely stock) and have many ideas for build. I also plan to take my car around Europe and vlog it for YouTube- I’ll be sharing the journey of that too!


ALL LAPIZ BLUE MK7/7.5 OWNERS WELCOME! (Sorry to other colors haha, All Golf R’s are lovely regardless what colour but this one is for my Lapiz people!)


My car Instagram: @AceGolfR

😎😁 Follow me & share your Lapiz!




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17 hours ago, gregozedobe said:

So I'm guessing that you won't be doing any mods that have already been done by non-Lapiz cars, because, well, they aren't Lapiz and you have to maintain that Lapiz-only exclusivity  ?  😉😂

Basically 😂 but main thing for me is taking the car throughout Europe and capture some cool things hopefully!

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