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Soundaktor - what level is yours at?

Charles M

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I think CV19 and the lack of driving the R has got me playing with the Soundaktor. No idea why, other than why not?? So I played around and set it to 40%, from 15%. Sounded "good" - of course that is subjective and subject to whims of the day. So then set to 50% which was crap. Back to 40% which I then thought was a little too loud so down to 35%.


Just wondering where people are at with theirs? While I can appreciate those setting to 0% - I do myself sometimes -  does anyone have at 100%?? I once tried to set it to 255% (as that is what OBD11 shows) but it was refused. Just wanted to see what it sounded like. 


So anyway, I've moved from 15% to 35%...for the time being.


PS - I think I might be a little bored!!

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