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Mk8R members’ cars photo gallery

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At the drinking hole.......again!  😂  

Something white for a change 😋  

Working from home so can’t even take her out until later 🤣

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On 30/03/2021 at 14:28, [email protected] said:

Blue wasn't first choice but it will do as the development car until the official launch local to us where I will hop into a black one. Got a nice set of 20inch ATS Racelights waiting for it. Its of to the ship now for the journey to us.









It’s awesome you guys are already starting development work. I will definitely be putting a JB4 on once the cars arrive stateside. 

Do you reckon on the manual versions for the US if the clutch will be able to handle the JB4 torque or is it the same until that was in the old car? That would be a bummer. 

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7 minutes ago, Fruitloop said:

Err - there you go then 🤪 see above

D’oh!  Sorry, Fruitloop, for some reason I thought this was the other 8R photo general gallery thread!  Where’s me glasses! 😁


It looks really good in white.  😎   And a very refreshing change from all the Lapiz cars here, there and everywhere.  Plus a fair few black Rs especially on Istagram.


The white highlights different aspects of the car that the other two colours don’t. They each bring something different, but white looks really fresh and super sporty!   The blue callipers and grill stripe looks great against it too.  

So how are you liking it?  


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