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Mk8R members’ cars photo gallery

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At the drinking hole.......again!  😂  

Something white for a change 😋  

Time to balance up this thread with some Deep Black Pearl with "look at me" Performance Pack...here comes Darth Vadar!  

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The Longleat monkeys are rehsus macaques, very soft-footed, though we did see one chewing another car's radio antenna. 


I said to the owner of the Bentley, 'I bet you're pleased you bought the V8 version.'  'Bloody right,' he said.  The owner of the G63AMG said she had just paid £170 to fill-up.


I reckon that, given a skilful driver, and given a nice twisty B-road, the Porsche would be fastest, followed by the Golf R, the Bentley, the Maser, then the G-wagon.

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3 hours ago, Jagman said:

The owner of the G63AMG said she had just paid £170 to fill-up.





Mind you, thats cos its got a bloody big fuel tank - looks like its 96L. So even at £1.50 a litre its still £144 to fill up.


But I bet that dont last long. This is Autoexpress's test car:



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10 hours ago, thowlett said:

My first Golf R I've owned! 


Still breaking in the engine but I'm loving it so far. Only modifications are front PPF and complete ceramic coating around the car. Excited to be part of the community. 😁52160196547_741cb26983_k.jpg

Beautiful!  Hope you’re enjoying it.  

Welcome to the forum.  And to Golf R ownership!  

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2 hours ago, Booth11 said:

Nice to see something different and less glossy for a change. Great colour!  

Assuming a wrap?  

Yes, it is a wrap. A 8R owner in USA. 

They wrote about it on the Facebook group.

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