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I realise this does not strictly qualify, but after a 7R and a 7.5R I decided to replace with a GTI Clubsport....which arrived today.  So if it doesn't qualify please delete.


I am very pleased with it.  Poverty-spec lease car, no options.  It like it a lot.


Chassis is definitely better than the Mk7, must be the front track.  It turns in well.





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Went from an R to the TCR and with the near matching BHP have always thought that the Clubsport and TCR can keep its place on this forum which has been pretty proven to be the case, both the R bring something great to the table and the difference is not really in what the cars do, but what the person driving wants from their ride. 


Pretty proven with me now that the thing i would have missed most would have been the R pace as the GTI TCR/Clubsport is equally assured as push the same B roads that used to in the R and with a little bit of lightness in the handling as the noticeable (by all accounts the MK 8 takes that up a notch also, which is quite an achievement as the TCR is hardly shabby) 


Think I would be very tempted to put a MK 7 series Clubsport decal on it though, think it would take the whole aesthetics up a notch? maybe thats just me, but think worth considering. 


Loving my TCR so not be moving on anytime soon, but bit of a MK 8 convert in terms of styling with the Performance Pack laden R and the Clubsport (would have to live with interior to be convinced)  though think the front end of the standard GTI is in need of the face lift. 


Be interesting to see how you get on with over the coming months. 

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5 hours ago, Msportman said:

Looks great

Really thing white suits both 8R and Clubsport. Front looks super aggressive!


What are the monthlies on that roughly?


Quite nice to be different and go for the Clubsport. 


Its 3+23 on 8k at £388/month.  Works out just over £5k a year.  My 7.5R had been £335 on 9+23.

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Base spec car, it was about £18/month to add a colour choice.  I like the white, very George Lucas THX1138/Stormtrooper.


The 7.5 R was Lapiz but that only added about £5 to the deal back then.

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