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How awesome would the 8R look with the Tiguan 21" Estorils!!

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Before anyone mentions comfort, I'm purely talking looks! No doubt prohibitively expensive, but really nice!


Having 22" wheels on our Volvo XC90, I would never go for the largest wheels again; even with the Pro air suspension they thud through every imperfection.



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They would look far too big on the Golf, you might get away with 20" wheels on the 8 but like you already know ride and handling are compromised. 


I put a set of 20" wheels on my old Le Mans A6 Avant, it looked great but when I sold it I put the 19" wheels it came with back on and it was far better to drive. Unless the chassis is engineered for larger wheels I wouldn't bother now.

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There was a recent interview with Gordon Murray about his latest creation, the T50, that I saw on YT. He covered the topic of wheel size and said that his latest supercar only needed 19" wheels so that is what it had. Maybe it was 19" front and 20" rear, but happy to be corrected. 

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