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    • By Slippery_When_Wet
      I have had plenty of different mk golfs with lots of different engine variants from a mk3 vr6 to a mk5 gti with loads in-between.
      Just before Christmas i treated myself to a low milage Mk7.5r i have wanted one ever since they came out and boy what a car. Super stoked with it.
      Anyway new to this forum so Hi everybody 
      Here are a couple a pictures of my ride.

    • By ChrisTurbo
      I’ve acquired front (26mm) and rear (24mm) Whiteline anti roll bars for my Mk7 Golf R which I intend to use on spirited drives and many track days to come. 
      My intentions are to dial out the understeer and make it more neutral so I can rotate when trail braking on turn in. I will have B16 PSS10s and also 034 MS top mounts (2.4 degrees negative camber). 
      What I don’t want is a loose back end that induces snap oversteer. 
      what settings should I set these to? They have 2 per bar front and rear. 
      I’ve been told to setup wisely as I could destroy the balance that could end badly! 

    • By Skip
      I recently had the clutch replaced on my VW Golf R 2015,  Xtreme Clutch, I have done just over 1000kms and it has started slipping again.
      The oil indicator light also came on at the same time. There are no visible sign of a leak.
      Are these related?
    • By AceGolfR
      Hey all!
      I figured I’d start a topic for my lovely OPF 2020 Golf R! This topic is mainly to showcase the journey of my Golf R and encourage other Lapiz blue owners to share theirs!
      I’d like to welcome and share:
      1. Car modification journey
      2. Road trips/ scenic photographs
      3. Any other Lapiz blue R related stuff!
      I want to share my cars modification journey (it’s currently completely stock) and have many ideas for build. I also plan to take my car around Europe and vlog it for YouTube- I’ll be sharing the journey of that too!
      ALL LAPIZ BLUE MK7/7.5 OWNERS WELCOME! (Sorry to other colors haha, All Golf R’s are lovely regardless what colour but this one is for my Lapiz people!)
      My car Instagram: @AceGolfR
      😎😁 Follow me & share your Lapiz!

    • By Domzi_7.5r
      Hello guys, im new here, i wanna introduce my car, I bought him a month ago. It's all stock on car, only thing is  that I change my wheels from 19'' Spielberg to 19'' Pretorias, and put DSG paddle, also for sure I'm gonna put new exhaust system like milltek or akrapovic but step by step. Any suggestion from you guys which changes I should make ?
      Here is one pic of my car

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