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Sending car back - advice please


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Hi all,


im not sure this is in the right place but my son is sending his BMW 3 series back to the finance company as he’s paid more than half the amount borrowed. The car is generally clean and tidy, no bumps, scratches etc, however, the diamond cut alloys are rough where the lacquer has come away. Should he get them refurbed? The car is a 62 plate with 69k miles.


thanks in advance and he’s bought a Golf as a replacement, albeit an oil burner!


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I doubt they’d inspect it that much.
If it’s a voluntary termination they’ll have a look round and send it to auction.
It’s not like a pcp car return, it’s an 8-9 year old car.
I wouldn’t spend another penny on it.
Just some info for your son that this will leave a mark on his credit file and may affect future finance etc for a short time.

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The finance company should advise on the next steps, including when/where an inspection will take place and then where the car needs to be returned to or if it will be collected.  You may be charged for each of these items, plus any admin fees.  When you VT a car the mileage, even if it's over the agreed mileage allowance is irrelevant.  The condition of the car however, is not. 


You're usually required to follow the guidance in the BVRLA guidebook.  Some things can be classed as fair wear and tear and others will either need to be corrected in advance or you'll be billed for correcting them.  Sometimes the finance company/inspector may charge less than what it would for you to have the work done, sometimes it could be stupidly more.  I'd check the BVRLA guidance regarding the alloys. 


Make sure you take plenty of pics of the car, in good light and when it's clean before anyone takes it away. 



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