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Peugeot Sport Engineered 508 Hybrid

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On 24/04/2021 at 08:56, Penguin said:

Agreed. I wouldn’t touch a JLR product.  The people I know who’ve owned them have all had major issues, usually electrical and usually rendering the car next to useless without a lot of time back at the dealers. 

10 months and just over 10k miles in my JLR product and not so much as a rattle.  A friend with a Guilia was a regular in the dealership with all sorts of problems, he’s back in a 4 series now and much less frustrated.  It’s a shame as I quite fancy a QV for my wife, but JLR + Alfa = too risky for me!

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1 hour ago, Penguin said:

WOW!  That's refreshingly good to hear 👍



I hope I don’t regret saying that! 🤣


It probably helped buying it at 12 months old, giving time for any issues to be sorted!  Made financial sense too as it dropped by over £30k in the first year, so all good.....so far.

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