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MK7.5 full LED tail lights coding back to stock

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Xavier: hmm...... you say "The tail lamp installed the mk7.5 dynamic led bought from a dealler in germany........".  Therefore, I will assume that the new tails are true OEM and that the fittings are NOT the UPS fittings in your link (which are not true OEM)


 So- here's the thing - the instructions that you provided in your 2nd link are for NAR (North America Region) model mk7/7.5 with factory built incandescent tail-light fittings


I can understand how the error was made because the instructions don't identify incandescent lamps. I can only assume that the application of the instructions was intended to made to incandescent fittings because the UPS tail-lights in your link were designed specifically for cars with incandescent fittings


Nevertheless, it's clear from the coding changes described in your link that the harness was meant for NAR cars with wiring looms for incandescent lamps. Tail light wiring looms for factory built LED lamps have more wires because of the additional outer and separate inner turn-signal lamps on NAR cars!


I'm not sure how you should proceed because I don't have the factory coding for your new "true OEM" tails for a Yankee mk7.5


In any event, I can make some suggestions - but please understand that these are informed guesses only:


First: check that the changes below have been made correctly (these are the channels that drive the dynamic turn-signal lamps):

ENG116964-ENG116407-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Litchfunktion A 28    >    Klemme 15 mit Nachlauf bis Fahzeuspgstillstand
ENG116964-ENG116580-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Lampendefekbitposition 28    >    0
ENG116964-ENG116404-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Lasttyp 28    >    32 - allgemeine LED bis 12W
ENG116960-ENG116331-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Lichtfunktion A 24    >    not active
ENG116960-ENG116335-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Lichtfunktion C 24    >    Blinken rechts Hellphase
ENG116960-ENG116337-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Dimmwert CD 24    >    127
ENG116960-ENG116328-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Lasttyp 24    >    38 - LED Blinkleuchten
ENG116959-ENG116312-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Lichtfunktion A 23    >    not active
ENG116959-ENG116316-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Lichtfunktion C 23    >    Blinken links Hellphase
ENG116959-ENG116318-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Dimmwert CD 23    >    127
ENG116959-ENG116309-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Lasttyp23    >    38 - LED Blinkleuchten


Note in particular the different "links/rechts" leuchte-commands (highlighted).


Second: look through ALL "Lichtfunktion" channels for Leuchte23SL HLC10 and make sure that ALL have the value not active - except for Lichtfunktion C 23 = Blinken links Hellphase

Repeat above for Leuchte24SL HRA65 - except Lichtfunktion C 24  = Blinken rechts Hellphase


If you made any changes due to the above - do the dynamic turn-signal now work OK?


If not , try this:

On Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9 and Leuchte17TFL R BLK BLK SRB3TFL R SR KC3 - change Lasttyp value from 37 - allgemeine LED bis 12W to not active



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