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What mileage are you getting out of you MK8 R

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Hello All,


Ive got my car ordered and curious what mileage you get out of a full tank - coming from a diesel the missus has been having a go at me for ordering one.


Whilst i know it wont be the most economical but eager to know what you guys are getting.


How much does it cost to fill a tank btw??

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I felt like I needed to redress the balance of your excellent mpg @JaseW so I just got 16mpg on the way home from work 😂👍

That's because you've got a 1.5 style (looking at the picture!) 😀

Trip over to Rugby and back today, mostly along the M6 stuck between 50-60mph on the variable speed limit gantries but what a great return.    These photos were of the trip there, on the way

Posted Images

I think Darlo said he is getting nearly 22mpg




And Rebecca about 25mpg.


But these are brand new, not run in cars so it will getting better as time goes on.


But interested if owners think their cars are comparable with their previous 7/7.5's? Or a lot worse?


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I’ve done 900 odd miles in mine so far, and long term mpg is 26 currently.  That’s daily use including a lot of city and rural driving with several short to mid motorway journeys.   I usually do a few long motorway trips over the year and not yet done any of those in this car but when I do, they’ll push it up a little.   

Compared to my mk7 the mpg is better even without the long trips.  26mpg in the 8R compared to 24mpg in my previous mk7.  

Of course mpg differs massively as the many threads in here with respect 7/7.5R mileage show.  Some people get very healthy figures but I’ve always struggled to get long term past 24/25.  

Cost yo fill obviously depends on what fuel you’re using and where you are located.    I filled up a couple days back near full tank of Shell V Power and it cost me £74.  That was 49.87 litres.   Tank capacity is 50 litres.  


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19 minutes ago, faddy said:

Thanks for this guys - i wont share it with the wife :)


What does the dash show in mileage on average for a full tank.

Do you want to know what the computer says as that's what your wife will see?!


I think it's a 50 litre tank, so 26mpg = 286 mile range, but you're not going to run it to empty, so c250 miles to a tank.  


It depends on how you use the car of course, our 7.5 does a lot of decent length motorway runs so the average over 25k miles is 33.7mpg which makes the theoretical range (55 litre tank) over 400 miles.  Over the last 6 fill ups it's averaged 390 miles, but I don't leave it until the tank is nearly empty. 


A 250 mile range would make a car a complete non starter for me, as I hate filling up and regularly do over 300 miles in a day.  So the absolute minimum would be 350 miles, I guess that would be possible from the 8R on the motorway, but it would need to do 34-35mpg.

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29 minutes ago, faddy said:

as long as the computer says 250 miles that`ll be enough to keep the wife at bay :D



1 minute ago, MK1GTI said:

I've told the Wife it'll be around the same as the Golf GTI Performance, I've just sold. 😉

Interesting that it’s such a topic of interest with your other halves.  My other half hasn’t once asked what the mpg of mine is either standalone or in comparison to my previous car.  😁  He loves the car though so I don’t think he care anyway.  He never liked my mk7 so already this one has extra brownie points over that even without an additional 2mpg which is not aware of. 😇

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It is funny, especially when it seems more important than spending £40k+ on a Golf which you'd think would be the main challenge!


The R is my wife's car and she didn't even ask about the mpg or the range, she was only interested in whether she would enjoy driving it and if it felt quick enough. 

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Steady drive to work this morning, very little traffic, mixture of town roads, country lanes and A roads with one heavy push off a set of lights, the one you always get stuck at 🤣


Pulled into the car park at 30.1mpg.


Much better if you don’t plant your right foot as hard as that can be👍

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I gave up ever trying to watch MPG when i got this car - it's just an expensive car to own, in any respect.


Initial cost is very high for a car in this segment.

Road tax is crazy high, especially on mk8 where most cars will be over 40k, so luxury VED tax.

Fuel cost is high

Insurance is high


As always - ya gotta pay to play!.....the one i hate and does leave me with a sick feeling every year is that luxury tax.


FYI i i average 23mpg long term on my DSG mk7.5 - not much motorway driving, plenty of hard driving and short journeys. So not bad considering i have a lead foot.


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It depends what you're used to, but I don't think the 7.5R is an expensive car to own at all.   As has been shared recently, you're looking at sub £300 a month depreciation and if you bought at the right time, even less than that in lease costs.   The very best tyres are only £150 each and they seem to last forever to me, insurance is the lowest we've had for a few years (£570 last year) and servicing is really cheap, the first one at 13k miles was only £220.  I've just paid £642 for a service on my car and thought I'd done well.   For a mid 4sec to 60mph car, getting mid to high 30s on the motorway is good, so it can be economical when you want it to be.  Drive it with a lead foot and it won't be, but that's the case for every car and a choice you make.


The 'luxury' tax does really wind me up though and the MK8 is more expensive, but the running costs won't be all that different and anything comparable isn't going to be any cheaper.

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