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Who wants a “special”car towards retirement or is mainstream R enough?

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Who would want a special car towards their retirement or would you consider an R the fitting choice?

If money was no object then a 992 Turbo S. That thing is pure evil.

Agreed Id cap my budget at £55k Lots of options. I wouldn’t necessarily want the fastest car on the block but something to feel special. Something that’s also affordable to ru

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1 hour ago, EcosseGolfR said:

If money was no object then a 992 Turbo S. That thing is pure evil.


Id cap my budget at £55k

Lots of options.

I wouldn’t necessarily want the fastest car on the block but something to feel


Something that’s also affordable to run and service and reliable.

V10 R8 nice but very expensive to service. 
V8 R8 could be a contender but the only thing with these types of cars is accessibility when older and my back isn’t brilliant now.

Quite like the Aston Vantage 4.7.


Could a new shape RS3

be special enough...I think so.

997 S?


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I would and I’d get the best 911 I could afford or maybe a Boxster GTS 4.0, but I’m not sure I could over a decent spec 911.  For a £55k budget you could get a nice 991.  If you do go for a 911, then you might be able to man maths the budget a bit as it would depreciate less than something like a new RS3.  I think the RS3 will feel quite special from a drivetrain point of view, but sitting in it or looking at it won’t, not compared to some of the other options you’ve mentioned.

I had to get a large family truck to fit everyone in after having a baby last March and had to compensate by making it a bit special, so I discounted the X5 or XC90 and got a proper Range Rover Autobiography.  When my middle son is 17-18 and driving and I don’t need to drive 400 miles every other weekend, the plan is to swap the Golf / it’s replacement for a big/fast estate for family duties and the RR for something sporty and special.  The 911 is top of my list because we’d be able to get the little one in which would mean we could use it more.   Hopefully that will be sometime in 2023, so not too long to wait.

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11 minutes ago, EcosseGolfR said:

Agreed, so many to choose from in the £55k price range but would you get the new RS3 for less than £55k?

When they start offering discounts, maybe, but it would be tight I’d guess.

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Strange to see this thread pop up, retirement, RS3's and £55k budget having been in my head for the last few months.


I'm fortunate to be 2/3 years away from retirement if wanted to do so but actually enjoy my work so might stay on beyond my late 50's early 60's. 

September will see me make a probable move from the R and my headspace budget is around the £55k mark.

Having had a good few Audi's that I've enjoyed, the RS3 is an itch I need to scratch as is 'a Porsche', which I've never owned.

Knowing very little, bordering on nothing about Porsches I enlisted the support of a friend of many years who is a Porsche fanatic, member owners club etc... and posed the question what to get with a £55k budget. Knowing me as she does the answer that came back was a PDK Cayman 981 GTS.


September feels like a long way ahead and I'll no doubt be lusting after something else between now and then but for now, it's the RS3 in first place.





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It's a long way off but I've always said that one day I'd get an Aston Martin Vantage, DB9, DBS or Vanquish. The last two might be out of any future price range but the DB9 and Vantage can certainly be done. They may not be the best driving cars in the world but they are definitely one of the most beautiful and all sound amazing. Sadly though I think by the time I get there cars like that might be unavailable due to the inevitable taxes and huge fuel prices you'd have to pay for a non-electric in 30-40 years time. That's if they let you drive them at all...

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Since my (early) retirement I've had a BMW 330Ci M-Sport Auto, BMW 330d M-Sport Auto X-Drive, and now the 7.5R DSG. This one might last until they take my licence away but if not I wouldn't be terribly ambitious or extravagant. I'd still want a roof, 4 doors, petrol, auto. Absolutely not a Mk8 Golf, possibly an RS3. However, a near neighbour has one and I'd be embarrassed to drive anything that made such ridiculous noises. It's a bit like the SoundAktor fitted outside the car and turned up to 11, while he lets off fireworks. Maybe a decent electric option will arrive in time - at least before petrol becomes almost unavailable and/or unaffordable.

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Think I would take a TTRS over a RS3.Just think it looks a bit more special.The way my pension pot is performing I will be able to finish work at 55 when I can remove my pension pot from the works scheme take 25% tax free and re invest the rest.

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Personally a hot hatch isn’t special enough for what the op is indicating.

For the £55k budget I’ve seen mentioned I couldnt get a 911 I’d want... maybe a cayman gts as an option.

I would look at an F type - not that I’m retiring but it’s the route I’m likely going to take unless the new rs3 is quite special and is no more than around £50k (we shall see).

Nothing from bmw would fit the bill for me - the m3 should but it’s too heavy, ugly and expensive these days...

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Some good responses.

Good to see financial planning ie good pensions etc.

I get a good pension since 51 and put money away and have been running my own business since then but plan to go until 60 ish as I enjoy it.

So maybe the next car change will be my last big spend.

I suspect I may  go  luxo barge when I’m past it !

Some good suggestions 

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