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WBAC valuation after a year of ownership

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7 hours ago, NRW said:

Got a valuation out of curiosity this week after the above.....Motorway have been consistently higher as @dopper99 demonstrates above.   I was blown away by this, so had to share



It really is a good time to sell your R if you are hankering after a Mk8.  Sadly I’m not considering a change after Just 26 months. 😀

go on, you know you want a MK8 🙂. As I say, I didn’t need to change and mine was also 26 months old but considering it’s costing me virtually nothing (but the downside of not having an R for a few months, hence saving the monthlies) it’s a no brainer. 🙂


i also did a refresh of a my WBAC valuation a few days ago and got £27k (I’ve more miles than you). That was £1k more than the week before and nearly what I got from Motorway. The good thing about Motorway is there are zero fees, unlike WBAC’s £70. 

Used prices are sky high and new car prices are not budging.  So a great time to buy new.  

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10 hours ago, chillly said:

Sold mine through Wizzle. Had an abundance of buyers and sold it well above wbac and motorway offered 👍


Did you actually go through the full process with Motorway and have your car on the one day auction? I sold mine on there and got far more than the initial Motorway valuation.

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