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WBAC valuation after a year of ownership

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13 hours ago, JonSW said:

Well, the dealer has paid for the car even though they don't have it yet! This may be unusual, I don't know. Tomorrow I drive it to my Dad's where I am leaving it for collection and picking up the Golf's replacement (more on that later but no need to get excited ...).


I haven't driven it since the valuation photos, even though they give some fair use extra mileage. Don't like to tempt fate.


I was like that when I sold. Didn't want to drive it in case I pranged it!!


Out of interest, what mileage did yours have? For that valuation, I'm guess low 20k???

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OK, I have my offer! Not as high as they were hoping but, from my point of view it is still very good - £24.5K.  I had a few marks on the one back door carbon trim and one boot side that are beyond fa

Update on the above, car sold and collected, finance paid off, money transferred.   Motorway have been brilliant from my experience. Very impressed.

Yes, I would never use a company that has someone who deceived his family for so long in its adverts, vile little man!!

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28K Charles. Now collected. I'll do a little write up soon. I managed a brief 4K-6K burst in the lanes on the way to the collection. I normally rev it less than that so it was nice to feel the full available pull and noise one more time!


Bye ... 😪



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