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Arteon R in White


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11 hours ago, NRW said:

Reminds me of a giant 5 door Scirocco😂


I know what you mean. 😁


2 hours ago, Penguin said:

If only the Mk8 Golf had that front end/grille/headlights...


Setting aside the fact I own one, I genuinely much prefer the Golf mk8R front end and lights to that.  

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23 minutes ago, Charles M said:


I think the 8R front end looks good, but the standard Mk8 inc GTI looks terrible. 

Agree, the standard GT front is very sad looking thing.  The Clubsport better but the R better still.  I saw a standard GTI on the road this morning, it looked ok from the back and was the lovely Atlantic Blue colour which suited it, but was let down by that front end.   

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