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4 hours ago, 2pointperspective said:

Hi @CS18 A couple of months in and I can wholeheartedly recommend the install/upgrade. Beyond just more bass, the overall clarity, breadth of the soundstage and drive of music is a serious step change above stock. 

As others have said, it does require post install programming with a dongle, and the quality of the source audio does make a significant difference. DAB music and low bit-rate streamed music from Apple/Spotify etc. sounds little better than stock, but if you go to the app settings and up the streaming quality and the difference is absolutely noticeable and well worth it. 

I have been using Apple CarPlay with a cable connection, I don’t know if using just Bluetooth affects the sound quality. 

I bought mine new from eBay. A seller in Germany called audi-vw-ahstoye. Including £20 postage it cost £365. And there were no import duties or extra vat to pay (somehow!). It took about a week to get here. 

Go for it!

Cheers @2pointperspective I think you have made my mind up 🙂


Can I just ask what you did around the dongle, did you purchase one or just ask if somebody could do it locally?


cheers again mate 

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On 30/05/2021 at 13:08, 2pointperspective said:

I couldn't decide between code 60 and 98 though. Does any one have any thoughts on that?

My impression was that the quality of sound was the same on both but that on code 60 the unit got very loud very quickly, but on 96 it took a few more clicks of the volume dial to get to the same volume (giving a little more finesse of control). But that might just be me. I'll probably agonise over whichever one is correct forever...!

I contacted Helix about the codes, they said the 90 codes were for cars that suffered with radio reception issues!


I actually like code 21, not specifically for a golf but gave a much improved sound stage.


I still use the sub but have ditched the Helix dsp amp and now use an Audison Bit Ten and amplifier, once tuned it is a massive improvement over stock and over the Helix supplied system, has shocked many as to how good it sounds and how powerful it is.

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