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Anyone got any recommendations for a decent snow foam?


I just bought a new pressure washer after washing with a standard hose / buckets all these years.

I've heard the snow foamer that came with it isn't the best but figured I'd give it a try before looking at better lances/guns. 


Nilfisk Core 140-8 Home Pressure Washer - 1800W | Robert Dyas

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Another fan of Bill Hamber Auto Foam.  Also really rate ValetPro Advanced Neutral Snow Foam.  Both are superb snow foams with really effective cleansing.  Both foams are on the thinner consistency side but much more effective than those really thick shaving foam consistency foams as they climb long enough to encapsulate the dirt before running off carrying the dirt away.  Some really thick snow foams just sit on the panels not doing much.  Bill Hamber Auto Foam has a specific dilution process called a Panel Impact Ratio (PIR) to work out dilution requirements taking into account water pressure etc so worth googling that if you want to follow their usage instructions but works very well with a less scientific approach too.   

Might as well try the foamer you’re getting with the kit but they are not a patch on a proper snow foam Lance which gives much greater adjustment and superior results.  PA and Autobrite lances are very good, have used both in the past but my absolute favourite is Kranzle Lance which you can get with other fittings for  a various pressure washers. 

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Hi mate,


I recently bought a NilFisk pressure washers from their new range and use the included foaming bottle for applying post wash rinse. I bought the Nilfisk branded foaming attachment, available from Amazon, for use with Snow Foam. Both work incredibly well for the job I am using them for.


In terms of Foam, the brand I am using is Pro Kleen; I’m not sure if it is any good as it’s the first one I’ve used, but it works perfectly well for me, and has a lovely cherry fragrance!


Good luck with your new Nilfisk!



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