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Yearly car insurance dance 🙄

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Flipping Tapatalk still not working!!!!! Anyway that’s another story.


 I thought finally I’d get cheaper insurancej this year. Been over five years now so all the points gone and the insurance claim is off.


So I chased Flux for my quote and it barely went down. I paid £750 last year and they quoted £730. I said you’ll have to do a lot better than that as kids half my age with newer R’s pay less. Come on I’ve been a good boy now and deserve a cookie. They came back with £680. 

So hunting online I’ve got a quote from admiral for £443 which I thought was pretty good. But having a play about I can get it down to £429 by keeping it on the street??? And that’s with Ford lol 😂 


Is it worth saying it’s on the road but keep it on the driveway? Or just leave it as it is. 

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I know Insurers can charge Less for Drive rather than garage....presumably because folk bump, bang, knock the car parking/ garage detritus falls on car etc.

Mine is kept out of Scrote sight, in the garage.😀

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Well I’ve gone with admiral in the end and I’ll just park the R on the street from now on. Got it down to £418 with a load of extras inc legal cover.


I told Flux I’m not renewing. They had another look and lowered it to £500. Told them to poke it

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LV quoted me a very, very silly £1,601 for the R as an existing customer, whereas Admiral was £616 with the same level of cover. I had to make a claim for another car with Admiral this year, and apart from a delay in getting a valuation because it was an old MX-5 being written off due to catalytic converter theft, the process was entirely straightforward and the valuation was entirely reasonable.

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