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33 minutes ago, DSarge said:

The R has been delivered.

Great news.  Enjoy the new R.  There’ll no doubt be a Lead available that converts 2 Pin to a proper UK Plug (you just haven’t yet found it) then the possibilities are endless. 😂

Have fun. Look forward to pics and your views. 


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3 hours ago, DSarge said:

The R has been delivered. What a beast! First job was remove R badge on tailgate. Good news is that tyre pressure monitoring system is standard! Also gets 240 v socket in boot - though it’s two pin. And both driver and passenger seat are full electric with leather option. Some pics will follow. 

Congratulations!  Does the passenger seat have memory as well as it’s electric?

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Martin2 - yes, was pleasantly surprised to find that passenger seat is full electric with 3 memory positions. Inside got a good going over yesterday and hope to do exterior at weekend after which I’ll try and get some pictures up. 



0FEC7CF2-29A6-47EE-A29B-52F32E0517DB.jpegExterior done today - cleaned and debadged and rear sun shades fitted. This is oryx white. 655E851F-845A-4BBB-BEDA-36675A9C9670.thumb.jpeg.247e23ea10457abfff46cbbd9be0ecb9.jpeg




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24 minutes ago, Davey-c said:

My father-in-law picked up his Tiguan R today and can’t seem to find where to put an SD card for his music. Im guessing it doesn’t come with one but could someone please confirm? Thanks in advance.👍🏻

I’ve had a look on google and answered my own question. Suppose he will have to move with the times and either stream from his phone or try to source an SD card reader to see if that works. Thanks.

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9 minutes ago, DSarge said:

I just used OEM ones. Quite pricey but a good fit. 


Loss of CD player was one thing but loss of SD card slot was almost a step too far! I too will be getting a reader with a USB c head. 

Hopefully the card reader works for him. He doesn’t have loads of music on there but he likes what he likes and he was even contemplating just buying a few of the albums he likes from iTunes for ease using apple CarPlay. 

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