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Mk 8 Golf R Akrapovic exhaust

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I recently ordered a Mk 8R and i'm really excited, but I have to wait 4-6 months. Oh well I think it will be worth the wait! When specing the car unfortunately I couldn't opt for the akrapovic exhaust as it was just too much and would bring the total price over my budget. In the future when the car arrives and once I can find the money, do you think I will be able to take my car to a VW dealership and have it fit there? How did it work the the Mk 7.5R? I know with Porsche for example, you can take your Porsche too one of thier delarships and fit the sports exhaust there, if you didn't spec one from new.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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If it is anything like the 7.5R then i think it was a bit of a ballache to get one retrofitted. Places like Awesome sold them for a bit i think, but they really are like rocking horse sh*t!


VW will only supply one if you actually prove you have a defective part on a VIN that was specced with it from factory apparently!


Hopefully Mk8 isn't the same 😌

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The dealers & TPS won’t sell you one, VWUK will reject the order, I’ve tried both on a mk7.5 & a mk8 

the only way they’ll sell you one is if you have a factory build sheet showing it was on the car at the original build AND you’ll need either; 1) a police crime number to say it’s been stolen from your car, OR 2) can prove your cars been in a crash & the original Akra has been damaged as a result of the crash

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