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New Audi S3 Vorsprung Edition 310 PS

jetjockey 2005

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5 minutes ago, Martin2 said:

No, it has some proper buttons for climate, heated seats, ESC, stop/start etc.  A much much better solution imo.



I thought it might have as it looks like there's buttons etc above where the hazard light button is - couldn't quite make it out in jetjockey's photo. I agree - looks a much better solution to me as well - they've done the same in the Leon too.

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1 hour ago, jetjockey 2005 said:



Yes, it was a 2014 Tornado Red5J5A3363.thumb.JPG.f3e852f9892e6d530bf993c4c5b61f72.JPG model, It won photograph of the month on one occasion 

Lovely!  You have a soft spot for a red VAG car.  The S3 looks a great follow up.  It looks very nice both inside and out.  I hope you enjoy it. 

1 hour ago, jetjockey 2005 said:


Your Mk8 looks very nice too.


Thank you. 😊

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On 28/06/2021 at 19:13, jetjockey 2005 said:

Hi All,


Well I have my new S3 Vorsprung Edition, and so far I am delighted, I am still lurking here though from time to time.








That is a stunning looking car! Seriously looking at getting the same model myself next year.

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