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Clubsport S brake disc upgrade - worth it or not?

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I have replaced my OEMs brakes all round with Clubsport S Disc and Pads and OEM back disc and pads. Did about 35k miles on the originals. Still could have gotten more out of them. 


Only done 250 miles on them yesterday and they feel pretty OEM. However I have not stamped on them yet as I want to bed them in gently. Wasn't much of a difference in price really compared to the original ones.


I'll report back soon as I have gotten some more miles done with them. 


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Having tried lots of brake combinations on this and my previous R.and Gti On my previous R I opted for ebc drilled and grooved discs with yellow stuff pads. Discs bells rusted pretty quickly and the

I have just changed to DS2500 and have no bad words to say at all.     Great bit of information there! Cheers.

I’ve in the process of fitting my Racingline stage 2 brake kit, If I’m happy then I’ll be listing my clubsport discs and Racingline RP700 pads and Hel braided hoses in classifieds. All purchased new b

5 minutes ago, bodas73 said:

are the rear brakes for the Clubsport and 7 R identical was hoping for an aluminium bells on the rear.

Yes they are the same and not aluminium bells unfortunately, just the ones that rust as soon as you look at them.  You could always go non oem and try to match them with the CSS fronts as best you can.  

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2 hours ago, Count Drunkula said:

Reyland do a 2 piece rear disc for the R which has an aluminium bell and can have it in a variety of styles (c-hook , grooved etc) , it's available both bolted and floating 


Cheers sir, do you have a link for them. The rears are basically due first according to the MOT but was going to get both done.

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36 minutes ago, veneeringman said:

I have the VBT 355 on the rear.

Looks pretty good , even if it’s not floating / bolted like the front Reylands.

Doesn’t rust either.


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cheers. Do you have a link to these, also did you stay with standard pads

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