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Rs3 The new daddy ??

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Well I’m about to become an RS3 owner. 😀😀😀   I initially got put off buying an RS3 at my local dealer with the snobby salesman who said he didn’t need to give any allowances or freebies on t

Maybe Volkswizard should add 'twunt/twatwaffle' to his profile 🤔

Sounds promising (apart from the more subdued exhaust note)   But 1 thing that I find Evo always forget is that not everyone who buys these cars has the ability or experience to fully exploi

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I've not watched that yet (dont know if I can bothered) but read his description:
he cant really afford one - so is trying to pi55 off people who can. :dontknow:


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On 18/11/2021 at 15:57, Deano said:

Just received this from Drive the Deal, found the RS price increase quite funny.


The Audi models listed below will increase in price by the following average amounts (note this means that some engines or specifications may increase by more, others by less). 



























RS Models

“substantially more than above”

In addition, the factory options prices of all of the above models will increase, and in most cases, metallic paint will also increase.



Well having sat in the new RS3 launch edition recently for sale at….£70k 🤔🤔 now sold BTW I was surprised at the dip in quality compared to the previous Gen. There are some nice touches but there’s plenty to annoy especially when speccing the car.

Theres so much that you get in Europe as options you can’t get here.

For example on the Vorsprung edition (top the range) they’ve had to drop the 360 camera, wireless charging because of chip shortages. They refund you on the options list.

Then you can’t option the nice Alcantara  flat bottom wheel or coloured stitching on the seats or the alcantara center consol but you can in Germany.

Then I noticed the front grill looks quite cheap and shiny and a bit “stuck” on.

And to top it all Audi are putting a 6% price increase on the 01st of December so it will now cost you £63k!!!

Theres no option on Vorsprung for speed increase unless you pay £5k for the ceramics.

It’s so frustrating and tbh I cannot justify the price tag over my low mile 3 door!! 7R with good spec, BBK and APR goodies which I’ve owned from new. Believe me even the missus “eventually” gave me the green light and I could of got a deal through Motor Affinity being ex services which Audi was never going to match.


InsteadI’m now  ordering a set of Ohlins to replace my DCC!!


Ill wait a little bit longer in these very strange times.



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