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Rs3 The new daddy ??

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I think you’ve nailed it.  One less mindless video to not watch!  

Well today I had figures thru from my local Audi dealership. These we’re based on a 4 yr PCP 8K a year with 20% on a Vorsprung RS3.   Ordinarily I like to buy outright cash or get a che

A pano roof would be wasted on me, and a waste of my money.  I can see the appeal though but just not my pref, but if you really like them then one to tick on the options list.     I’m dreading

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9 hours ago, AHG said:

You sound like a hard man to satisfy

If I had a 7R I would be a happy camper, and just look for excuses to go to the track more often, as that always brings joy in those cars, regardless of setup (my S3 is less track-oriented, and feels more “mature” than the GTI 6 that I had.

I wanted a 7/7.5R but couldn’t get it from the dealer (they brought a handful of 7’s and stopped, so used prices are through the roof) so I went with the S3, but it’s not the same. And that’s why I’m correcting it now and going back to a golf).

I hope you don’t make your spouse have mechanical changes done, every now and then, to keep the interest alive, as you say 🙂

Yeap probably am difficult to please and get the decision right.

I think the original 7 and 7.5 at their price points were such good all rounders. Bang for buck is so good as a package and when you “fiddle” with them and put decent brakes and some handling upgrades and decent rubber makes it even harder to please oneself with a car in budget that will seriously up stage what is just a “Golf”!


The 5 pot RS3 is always going to be a serious upgrade especially tuned. The only thing that won’t be a light and day difference will be handling as the lighter lump up front helps the Golf turn in better.

Looking at the Porsche and R8 etc they are in a totally different class. That’s where your money goes not necessarily BHP but chassis dynamics and the heritage.


At this stage I’ll sit tight watch the reviews on the RS3, see it in the flesh if I’m lucky and see how the 8 R progresses and see it’s tuning potential.

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