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Petrol in new car collection?

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19 hours ago, AHG said:

Main difference between IL and US - fuel costs are 3x here - that’s why I’m the US you get a free tank as a service (30$ worth, AFAIK) and here you have to pay for it (it’s 100$ approx 🙂

It's sad how many US motorists take our fuel prices for granted.  They don't realize how lucky we are.  In fact, some folks from my ancient generation pine for "the good old days" when you could fill up for under $5.00.  Taking inflation into account, the relative price wasn't significantly different then from what it is now.  

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Maybe a couple of packs of Duracells?    

That would certainly fix the problem of on-street charging or queueing for a charge point. Just nip down to the local petrol station and fill up. Electricity is the future. 🙂

They'll probably fill the tank and then thrash the nuts off it before they give it to you with ¾ tank.  😂

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