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White Silver 7.5 Estate

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Didn't think I would start a build thread, just planned to enjoy the car as it was, but that didn't last long.      

Hi @v7fmp went for a pootle earlier and grabbed this. Not too bad. Thanks @marshy, brakes are very good.

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Thanks, I prefer more of a sleeper look when possible and an estate always reduces peoples expectations.

And it really confuses them when they hear pops and crackles :)

After a couple of months of ownership, an annoying knock on the NSF and a trip to my local independent, a saggy shock was found, whilst changing the top mounts.

A pair of front genuine DCC shocks were expensive and Bilstein uprated weren't much more, if they were all replaced it was between £1000-£1400 for shocks,  another couple of quid and a B16 Coil over kits is in sight.

And what a difference it made, along with some other suspensions modifications as well, it's a different car.



12 sept clean.jpg

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Thanks @v7fmp

I will find or take one and post it.

I went to the Full B16 coil over kit, which is the DCC compatible one, the springs are still quite new, but should soften a little I believe, I haven't dropped to much.

And yes, I would say that it is a big improvement overstock shocks, in sport, around town it can be harsh, but when up to speed, it seems to soak it up and float across it most of the time.

With a couple of other little upgrades, it has become a different car to drive :) 


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