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1999 Boxster 2.7, Viola Metallic

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Not quite the plug-in Porsche I desire... 


Car has been sluggish to start in recent days with not much use, and refused to start completely this morning. I'm not sure when the old battery was fitted. Bit the bullet and fitted replacement battery and a quick access Ctek adaptor - quick and easy job.


Car started first time so will keep an eye on it once fully charged and check the alternator readings as well once the battery is fully charged - hopefully the alternator isn't on the way out







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Was going to change the headlamp bulbs to something brighter and modern, but can't find the headlamp removal tool that's supposed to be in the toolkit.   Oh well. time for a spin before suns

I think it's great - goes from black, to dark blue, to purple then violet depending on the sun!    

Before the heavy rain started a couple of days ago, I'd been able to spend the afternoon just giving it a quick scrub and clean - the hood looked clean from a distance but had dirt and bird markings o

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Battery still not charging properly, so garage has diagnosed the alternator to be at fault - everything else seems to be OK


Booked it in for 25th January to get the drive belt and alternator replaced - parts will be around £180, plus labour


To save the garage some time, stripped back the interior access panel to reveal the drive belt and engine pulleys this afternoon - just leaves them the upper access panel to do under the roof mechanism.










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