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Tuning now possible for the Golf 8R

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Ran a dtuk box on my mK7 gti then had it reprogrammed to run my S3. Zero issues with the car or the manufacturer when it went in for service/warranty work (not relating to the box). The box was removed prior to going in to the dealers. It did a good 20k miles between the two cars. 


Obviously not as good as remap but made a noticeable difference….. especially in the S3. I would recommend but I have heard they are now traceable.



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I personally would avoid those cheaper tuning boxes, especially on a £40k+ car. Firstly they make very dubious claims about power increases - they are claiming as high as 375ps for the mk 7r / s3 8v,

Shouldn't be called tuning really, more like "fooling" . Almost always the first to come out, almost always the worst option to squeeze extra performance from... The way such boxes force the engi

We are 6 months into giving our 8 R a good beat down and so far so good. We could have released a product the following day but that's not how we roll. Typically we want to see winter and summer. Our

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