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Update: Ohlins now fitted! Roll on The Ring in June!! Pics Added 24/01/22


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Arrived from Awesome today as they were on offer.


Ditched my plans to sell my R and just keeping it a while longer improving her further for the next year or two.


RS3 and 8R will have to wait till prices settle and see what happens in the future as I didn’t want to fork out £60k on the RS3 even through a PCP.




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6 hours ago, samm said:

Very nice!


top of the tree when it comes to suspension👌

Yeah I done a fair bit of research on what to fit replacing my bargain basement VWR Springs and DCC set up which has been very acceptable for track and road on a budget. Had I not had DCC the VW passive dampers would have been changed a long time ago but I quite liked the DCC. It did have its damping limitations on track.


I did consider the Bilstein B16 Damptronic set up to blend in with the car but having spoken to a few people in the know and various suspension experts Ohlins were my final choice. I was about to buy the KW Clubsports but continual Geo changes and the associated costs of that and the kit together with a predominantly road car set up I went Ohlins.


Fitment Will be the New Year when hopefully I’ll be off to The Ring with a few from here.



The RS3 would have been a nice new car but no track mods were not really on the cards, no ECU tunes and tbh both cars will be on similar performance levels ie stage 2 v stock RS3. On a PCP I would have to bought it outright at year 4 to do that meaning a balloon payment of £31800. And that’s before I start modding the car 😂😂


Currently a good low mile 2018> RS3 are still commanding  circa £40-£45k!

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1 hour ago, Booth11 said:

Nice Christmas present Ian!  Bet you can’t wait to get those fitted.  And put them through their paces at the ‘Ring!  

Thanks. Yeah it was a difficult decision Re RS3.

I like you prefer to buy outright but I understand renting/ PCP a car but you’re locked in to keeping the car’s  engine stock. I expect it will be a good 12-24 months before the likes of APR get around the locked ECU like the 8R.

My 7R is now into the low 40’s so still pristine and plenty of life as I’m very careful on the roads and don’t rag it to help preserve the engine / turbo etc.


Theres been huge hype on YouTube about the RS3 and the new price for the Vorsprung is £62k. I’m hoping to perhaps buy one in the future but as the years past buy I may get into something different depending on petrol prices and car values.


Maybe a 8.5 R will be something I may look at but for now some fancy suspension and maybe a power upgrade in the next year in case I get bored..



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  • Msportman changed the title to Update: Ohlins now fitted! Roll on The Ring in June!! Pics Added 24/01/22

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