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Hello and help :)


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41 minutes ago, Shug said:

Looks good.



prets , pro nav , Rev cam , pan roof . Only thing I would have liked is dcc which it doesn’t have , although coming from a little ST fiesta this is still very comfortable to be honest . I’ll probably end up with a eibach / Bilstein set up down the line anyway . 16k miles , new tyres . I’m very good condition. Had a res- delete already and must say it’s spot on for what I want . 

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I’ll get my work colleague, who’s also a professional paint correction/ ceramic guy ( along with being a tree surgeon ) to give it a correction/ ceramic. Should look really good then . 

has black prets on , which I’m not a fan of to be honest . By the time I’ve had them redone in silver , may as well just buy some CM reps and sell the prets on . Appreciate the CM ones are a bit heavier but I’ll probably notice no difference . Not like the prets are super light weight anyway .. think my lotus forged wheels weigh in at 5.5kg front  and 6kg rears !! 

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3 hours ago, Bodyboarder81 said:

 Yeah pleased with it .. pretty good spec and clearly looked after . Only 16k on it . Picked the boys up from school just now and they were super excited to have their own door each and elec windows 😍


Sounds like it’s a real hit with the family. 🙂


Spec sounds great too!   Be like new after it’s been detailed.  

2 hours ago, Bodyboarder81 said:

Oh keyless , comfort etc … so easier to Nick no doubt 🤦🏻‍♂️


Not necessarily, as pretty much every R nicked is unfortunately via house break-in for keys so make sure you’re home security is up to scratch. There’s a really good sticky thread on that in General Chat.  


But that aside, enjoy your lovely new R!  


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