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Hi everyone, apologies if this isn't the right place -but It would be good to get a second opinion as I might be paranoid. 


I've seen a 2019 R for sale at VW dealer in Taunton, it has 19K miles and is generally very nice condition. It stood out as it's quite well equipped with leather seats, keyless entry, 19" black Pretorias. One of the wheels was bent (which i'm learning is pretty common) so I didn't see much point test driving it on a space saver.


So the first thing that jumped out was the car has had 3 owners, when I dug a bit deeper the dealer informed me that it had been an ex demonstrator at dealership 00773 (which I assume is a VW code). It's then had two owners, I don't have the detail of how long each one had it etc as of yet. This has put me off a bit as the natural assumption is that it's it hasn't be cared for as you would want, or ragged to death. 


I had an appointment to see it this morning, unfortunately I couldn't make it. When I called up to re-arrange the salesman offered to bring it down to Bristol for me to look at...I might just be paranoid but that strikes me as they can't wait to sell it!   The car comes with the 2 year unlimited mileage warranty etc - but i'd be interested what other peoples thoughts. 


Not sure if it's ok to post the ad link here, so i'll hold off. 



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I purchased a Golf R with the same amount of previous owners, it was also a full spec Ex dealership car. The first owner owner had the car for nearly 3 years and I purchased the car privately from a Plastic Surgeon who decided to sell due to an unplanned change in commute. I guess it’s all about how confident you are with the history and the previous owners reasons for selling.  

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Hi. I looked at this, it’s a lovely car. But I would say that, with owning one similar but 6k miles.  The price is about £900 more than mine was recently valued.   Assume that it has full service history?  You’ll know that all prices are artificially high at present but will return at some stage..  

Obviously you’d want to go over it with your microscope for and bumps, scratches, chips or rips before purchase and scrutinise for any repairs (given the wheel damage….)
I’d be more put off if this were a private sale (wouldn’t buy privately at £30+ as too cautious, haha) …..but as it’s from a dealer, with the warranty package - which you could extend later with an All In plan(if still available) or extended warranty and service plan.   Very good vfm, imho, and gives Peace of mind in case of any big, costly failure or malfunction.   But we know how dealer demonstrators are often driven…you could ask to be told how many Launches it has done, which might be useful.
Depends on how you are going to use it, how long you’ll keep it……if a forever car that’ll get tiny usage ? or a daily driver and companion?   Is it your dream spec, colour???, do you list for a blackR with black wheels and leather?
There’ll be plenty others to suit you if your not 100% happy for whatever reasons, you just have to wait and work to find it.   I’m interested to follow your purchase, whatever you decide.

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Does seem weird that they were offering a test drive with the space saver on. Presume it had only just come in and they wanted it on the forecourt.


Makes you wonder if they have done the much talked about 300 point (or however many it is) checks


Maybe ask the dealer if the wheel has been repaired and by who, or replaced with new. Would also check the tyre on that rim if wheel was damaged

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Sorry @Stokers - missed saying, if you’re planning to tune and modify it then you won’t be bothered by the warranty/servicing issues so much.  But then you are, there might be better places to start out from I think. 

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It might be the 3rd person that sold it has made a profit, which is why they did. The only thing I notice that’s not standard is the rear spoiler, it’s missing the parcel shelf, I would be demanding one in the sale. I would be looking for crash damage rather than mechanical issues if it was me.  Although it is rather shiny for black and the lines down the side look very clean.

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Thanks for all the good advice and comments. 


Some further updates / corrections. The dealer didn't offer a test drive with space saver on, I may have worded that badly. They mentioned it was on and I said there wasn't much point until the replacement was done. 


During some further discussions today, they inspected the tyre on the damaged rim and decided they would replace both front tires to match the rear, which I think are on Bridgestone Potenzas. I also found out that the car did about 1,500 Miles as a demo, before being sold on to someone who had it for nearly 2 years. The 3rd owner had it for a short period and had a 'change of circumstances' so the dealer bought it back from them. 


11 hours ago, NRW said:

Depends on how you are going to use it, how long you’ll keep it……if a forever car that’ll get tiny usage ? or a daily driver and companion?   Is it your dream spec, colour???, do you list for a blackR with black wheels and leather?
There’ll be plenty others to suit you if your not 100% happy for whatever reasons, you just have to wait and work to find it.   I’m interested to follow your purchase, whatever you decide.


I certainly plan to keep it for a few years, it's not a commuter as my wife and I can walk to work, our sons nursery and possible future school is just around the corner. It will be used for everything else, holidays, family etc. I also miss having a fun car to take out, I've had a couple of Type R's and VWs in the past and used to love taking them out for drives. Trying to combine a performance / fun car with something practical and understated (unlike the Type R) often ends up in a Golf. 


Until I saw this one, my dream spec was probably Lapiz blue with the Pretorias. However black on black does look great. It might sound like i'm having a crisis, maybe spending so much on a car that I might not be using everyday might be crazy! However I've driven a few know and I'm really impressed with the R. 

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2 hours ago, Stokers said:

I certainly plan to keep it for a few years

They do make a great ownership proposition.   In any colour, haha.   They do everything you ask  - able to tootle around doing domestic duties or thunder across the country in any weather. Will make you smile too on your own on your favourite clear twisty roads.  Hold the road. Comfortable practical, smart and reliable. Not dear to insure, service and hold value well. Quite a smart choice really, with great renewable  VW warranties available.  So good an all rounder that some find them boring or unexciting. 
They are popular with all drivers, including car theives…so best to take sensible precautions use your garage if you have one. 
I can’t reall say buy it, or don’t buy it as it’s your money, your decision   Make sure you’ll be happy for years with black if your heart likes blue. Have a look, a drive and then decide if it’s to be yours bearing all above comments in mind.  
Good luck too. 

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