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drooping bonnet sound/insulation mat fix


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The fix I used is VERY high-tech, was developed over many weeks, and has been road-tested. 😉  See it in the fifth paragraph. The preamble was written in a churlish mood for members amusement.


Although it is a known deficient design,since 2012 (not 2021) the sound control mat on the underside of the bonnet will shrink and tabs at the cabin side are then too short to hold the mat where they tuck in behind the bonnet metal. It might even hang down and catch alight from the turbo which is directly below.


The issue occured with my car and I ascertained that the design had not been changed, so to make a point, 3 years into my five year warranty period I made an appointment for the dealer to replace it.


At the appointment, while waiting, I chatted to the paperwork person and gave him a shares tip. Against my advice to do his own research on it, he bought immediately and made 15% on the day. The company is Brainchip and I disclose a holding.


  After waiting about an hour they told me that VW would not authorise the job "as you have had the car for three years". Gobsmacked and having wasted my time I left and fixed it myself with a cable tie which is threaded through the tab next over from the centre and back around the bonnet metal. 


  I can't wait to tackle VW if my fix causes an issue.


The same dealer refused me a new dipstick at the first service when a yellow plastic retainer broke off it.


No doubt they are wondering why I don't have my regular services done by them.

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5 hours ago, GolfRWag said:

I went slightly more hi-tech with mine.

Drilled a suitable sized hole in the centre metal behind the droop, (used touch-up paint to cover the bare stuff and let dry), then used a push-to-lock trim clip through it.

No more droop.

BonnetFix - Copy.jpg

Where did you get the clips from please.

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Had the same issue flagged as a 'RED' when mine was 'serviced' at the local VW dealer yesterday. They quoted a price of £156.24 to replace it!!  I have employed the temporary fix, both sides, of large and wide cable ties.

Also while I was there they advised the brake fluid replacement is overdue despite the VW schedule saying first change at 3 years and then every 2 after that.  It's annoying that they want to do this and don't know their own service schedules.  Needless to say, in future,  all I will be taking the car to them only for servicing and all other work (Haldex, Brake fluid etc). will probably be done by The Phirm in Camberley.

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On 14/02/2023 at 23:08, MJC1216 said:

Yep a few pennies and it's lasted since i have had the car over 10 months or a replacement part from VW for £150 and it will do the same again.

Someone might have another neater way but this works for me.



I reckon all you need to do to neaten it is rotate the cable tie around so the end is hidden around the back and it will look quite tidy.

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