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Hi All,


Buying a new Golf R (deposit down, still need to view it), first time every buying a performance car so would really appreciate so guidance!


The car is a 2019 Golf R in Indium Grey, 19" Prets, DCC & Progressive steering. Car has covered 18k miles with 2 previous owners, it will be used approved from VW (2yr warranty) and is costing £28.5k. 


Is this a good buy? I plan on selling it after a year and a half, how much depreciation will I be looking at? Is there any questions I should ask or anything to be warned about please? 

I want to get a back box delete at some point later as because it has a PPF it sounds quieter and is only 300bhp instead of 310, will this reduction in bhp be THAT noticeable? 

Also want to get the alloys sprayed black as they look nicer with the grey.


Any help or suggestions would be great folks!

Thank you 

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And black Prets look the best (but I guess I'm biased) 😁  

My view. The spec and  price  sounds fair enough from a Dealer with warranty.  Your losses are hard to predict. How many miles will you do?  Crystal ball gazing needed for Used car values 18m h

On our crap roads bristling with overzealous plod around every corner I doubt it a 10BHP reduction would be noticeable.

Posted Images

My view.

The spec and  price  sounds fair enough from a Dealer with warranty. 
Your losses are hard to predict. How many miles will you do?  Crystal ball gazing needed for Used car values 18m hence…..what will you happily take?


Suggest you leave the exhaust alone.  Or change the whole system then put back to standard for re-sale and sell the aftermarket system.   Prices will likely put you off.   If the 310 sounds are what you crave, buy a 310 car.


Changing wheel colour is a personal preference. Some don’t like black wheels.  It’ll cost you to have Prets re-coloured.  You might want to buy a set of Replicas, use them then sell them on. Probably not cost more in the end and you’d have great original Prets left.

 All this is adding up fast for a buyer concerned about depreciation….


Thought of a 310 car with black wheels that you can res delete??

Not intending to be negative….but if your pockets are really deep, just find the 310 car you crave and buy it. 




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6 hours ago, NRW said:

Thought of a 310 car with black wheels that you can res delete??



This ^^


Sounds like the OP has put down a deposit on the wrong car if he wants to make so many changes before he's got it - and is concerned about 300PS vs 310PS.


Just get yourself an 18 plate 310PS in the right spec. 😉

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All the best for your new purchase.


I went with a 2018 (68) 310 last year. I doubt the 10 bhp will make much noticable difference in day to day driving.


My only point to note would be residuals. As it stands at the moment, car prices have been inflated for the last 9-12 months due to microchip shortage. VW also get a large portion of their looms made in Ukraine, which has further delayed new cars and kept used car prices high. As such, I would say there is a higher risk now of a bigger drop in used car prices over the next 12-24 months once new car deliveries normalise. Of course, this is just my own thoughts.

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As for depreciation, it’s difficult to forecast. At the moment, you’re buying at a higher price due to the state of the car market as a whole. In eighteen months time, the situation might have eased and your car will probably deprecate, possibly more than usual due to used prices going back to normal. End of the day, buy the car you want and do what you want to it. I bought my car in late June last year. So far, I’ve spent about £2200 getting it to how I want it and still have a little more to do. It doesn’t bother me because I’ve got a car that’s different to others plus I can sell the aftermarket rear silencer separately if I sell the car.

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With regards 300PS vs 310PS Mk7.5's .... I recall @blower has one of the last of the 310PS 7.5's and his draggy times seemed considerably quicker than my 300PS times. Not sure if his was a one-off "better" car or something or if the 310PS cars put out a bit more power than they should.


I know people on here have had 310PS cars dyno'd at Surrey Rolling Road and they come out at over 320bhp. And the older car is more tuneable I believe, if that floats your boat.


The 310 is the better multiport injection as opposed to the 300's more inferior direct injection. But if you are not keeping the car long and it hasn't got high mileage then a 300 car will be fine.


In fact, you should buy @blower's car as he is getting a Tesla soon and no doubt selling his R. 🙂

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Thank you all for your input, it was very much appreciated!


I decided to withdraw my deposit and am not going to buy the car 😥 as I think I should get something that I really want as opposed to getting something half decent and having to spend loads on it. So I will wait for a 2018 model with black Prets low mileage and with warranty. Hopefully the prices drop too over the next 6 months as I think they will.


Also, would a car that has a private warranty bought (Warrant wise or someone) compared to a VW approve used warranty have a lot of difference? As I'm always searching for manufactured approved cars as you get the peace of mind that the car will have passed a basic check etc and with warranty compared to a private garage.  

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Dealership cars are not always fault free! - but it’s one of the best ways of hedging your bets. The Used car warranty is decent and maybe a service or 2 thrown in after negotiation. 
You may pay a bit of a premium for the Dealer car, but worth it imho.   Get yourself test driving a few for an idea of how they run and go and stop.   You’ll be hooked.

Good luck with your search for your R; The One for you. 

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